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Scrivener project setup best practices, and SIWC

One of the Scrivener questions I get asked frequently is, “What’s the correct way to set up my project?” Check out my answer over at Writer Unboxed.

By the way, if you’ve missed any of my old Scrivener posts—or just want to go through the archives—they’re all available on my website under the Scrivener Help tab. Or you can click here.

Anyone going to the Surrey International Writers Conference in British Columbia, Canada in October? I’ll be there! I’m excited. Not only have I heard good things about SIWC, but it’ll be my first international speaking engagement.

Happy May Day!

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  1. Lison,


    Congratulations Gwen, those people will be very please to meet you and they are lucky…

  2. Bob Cochran


    This one got my attention, and I did read your Writer Unboxed article with great interest. I recently went on vacation and took with me a fountain pen, a bottle of ink, and some blank but extremely high quality “webnotebooks” (Rhodia is one name in that niche.) I love writing things by fountain pen. I think some of the handwritten stories will become Scrivener material. The fountain pen use is a very recent fad for me. I think it will last. I’m finding that writing scribbles in Field Notes (that is a brand of small notebooks) is very handy as well. Returning to Scrivener, some weeks ago, a friend who bicycles posted a beautiful photo of her bicycle that triggered a story idea when I saw it, and I began writing it on Scrivener. I still need to complete it and send it on to the friend.

    • Reply

      That’s great, Bob. I definitely brainstorm better on paper, and occasionally sketch out a scene that way too. I don’t write longhand much, but I recently started dictating my manuscript and then importing the transcription into Scrivener for edits and reworking.

      I think it’s great to have several different ways to capture an idea and to keep the words flowing. Fountain pen, crayon, dry erase marker…whatever it takes. 😉 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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