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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman poster with 5 versions of WW

courtesy of DC Entertainment

When I was a kid, Wonder Woman was my favorite superhero (still is). I wasn't a comic book reader, but I adored the live-action show with Lynda Carter, and my old vinyl record that had a couple of audio episodes.

I marveled at how well she could run in that asinine costume, which by today’s standards would be downright staid. But even more, I loved that she was stronger than the men, highly intelligent, and feminine.

Costume aside, what girl wouldn’t want bullet-deflecting bracelets, a magic tiara/boomerang, a lasso that forces anyone in its snare to tell the truth, earrings that let you breathe in outer space, and an invisible jet? Add incredible beauty, superhuman strength and speed, telepathy, and the ability to speak any language, and, hey, where do I sign up?

And now Wonder Woman—and every girl/woman she inspired—gets her own feature film starring Gal Gadot as Diana.

Anyone else counting down the days to June 2nd?

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    I love Wonder Woman, too! Especially because she’s a brunette, like me. I loved Lynda Carter’s show. Just hoping the movie lives up to the early reviews I’m reading!

  2. Reply

    With today’s technology in films, I just know that Wonder Woman will be enhanced to really give justice to the comic book stories (which I enjoyed as a kid. I remember how disappointed I was when the Batman series opened on tv). And if you’ve seen the Batman vs Superman movie, our intro to Wonder Woman was awesome.

    • Reply

      I missed the BvS movie, but I heard that Wonder Woman was the best part. 😉 I agree. The special effects these days are so great. I was even noticing the difference in the cartoon header I used from DC above. The changes in animation are incredible.

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    I am looking forward to the movie too. The trailer of it is awesome. Lynda Carter was awesome in the role back in the day.

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    I never watched the show. Not sure why, but I suspect it was because it competed with some other show I was really into. But I’ve always loved the idea of Wonder Woman. Self-reliant, smart, strong, all with a good sense of justice. What’s not to love? That’s also why I loved Charlie’s Angels when it was on. Those shows got a lot of flack for being “jiggle TV” back in the day, but they taught a lot of young girls how to stand up for themselves, and for that they will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve seen the trailers for the new WW movie and they look great so I’m planning to go see it. 🙂

    • Reply

      Maura, you didn’t watch it?! (gasp) 😉 I loved Charlie’s Angels too. For all the same reasons. I wish we still lived close enough that we could go see WW together.

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