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Scrivener 3 (Mac)

Looking for Scrivener 3 help? Start your transition with my FREE mini-course. No registration required, and it includes a downloadable table of menu changes.

  1. New Year, New Scrivener (at Writer Unboxed)
  2. Scrivener's Upgrade – Exciting New Features (at Writers in the Storm)
  3. Scrivener 3's New Approach to Compile (specifically section types and section layouts, at Writer Unboxed)
  4. Save Every Word with Scrivener’s Snapshots Feature (at Writers in the Storm)
  5. Compiling a DOCX in Scrivener 3 (at Writer Unboxed)
  6. 3 Ways to Search in Scrivener 3 (at Writers in the Storm)
  7. Using Styles in Scrivener 3 (at Writer Unboxed)
  8. How to Use Scrivener for NaNoWriMo (2018) (at Jami Gold's blog)
  9. Keeping Track of Everything in Scrivener with Metadata (includes Label, Status, and keywords, at Writers in the Storm)
  10. Split Screen in Scrivener (at Writers in the Storm)
  11. Which Scrivener Features Do You Really Need? (at Writer Unboxed)
  12. Protecting Your Work with Scrivener Backups (at Writers in the Storm)
  13. Revising Your Manuscript in Scrivener (at Writer Unboxed)
  14. Creating Collections in Scrivener 3 (at Writer Unboxed)
  15. Scrivener's Forgotten View: The Outline (at Writers in the Storm)
  16. 16 Scrivener Tools and Tricks (at Writer Unboxed)
  17. Creating Custom Scrivener Templates (at Writers in the Storm)
  18. Using Bookmarks in Scrivener 3 (FKA References, at Writer Unboxed)

Scrivener for iOS Posts

  1. Scrivener for iPad and iPhone is here (TLDR: I love it!)
  2. Get unleashed for NaNoWriMo with Scrivener for iOS
  3. The Tricks and Treats of Scrivener for iOS (at Writer Unboxed)
  4. Working with projects in Scrivener for iOS (w/videos)

Scrivener Mac 2.x and Windows 1.x Posts

  1. 2.0 Preview
  2. Custom Meta-Data
  3. Project Templates
  4. Compile (export files, includes help with auto-numbering)
  5. Automatic Backups
  6. Export to Nook (with link for iPad/iBook)
  7. Project Targets
  8. Full Screen Composition Mode features
  9. Snapshots
  10. Formatting tips (includes setting and applying default formatting)
  11. Clipping text to add to your Scrivener project or text file (uses Services)
  12. Helpful Scrivener features for NaNoWriMo (2011)
  13. Using Scrivener to write nonfiction
  14. Writing a screenplay in Scrivener
  15. Scrivener's best for NaNoWriMo (2012)
  16. Scrivener and Amazon play nice
  17. Scrivener for plotters with Hope Ramsay
  18. Getting rid of double paragraph returns in Scrivener (discusses replacing other non-printing characters as well, e.g. tabs)
  19. Inserting images in Scrivener
  20. References in Scrivener
  21. NaNoWriteMore with Scrivener (2013)
  22. Scrivener Basics: Starting, Opening, Closing, and Moving (working with project files)
  23. Revisions in Scrivener
  24. Scrivener for Windows gets an awesome update (1.7.1) (TOC, preserved formatting, presets, custom icons, full screen background images, multiple project notes, document templates)
  25. Writing a series in Scrivener
  26. Adding Evernote notes to a Scrivener project
  27. How I wrote my latest novel in Scrivener (a guest post at David McDonald's page)
  28. Rocking NaNoWriMo with Scrivener (2015)
  29. 9 (or more) Things I Love About Scrivener (at Writer Unboxed)
  30. Scrivener Fundamentals: What every Scrivener user should know (but probably doesn't) (at Writer Unboxed)
  31. Importing Files into Your Scrivener Project (at Writer Unboxed)
  32. Track Your Word Count and Progress with Scrivener (at Writer Unboxed)
  33. Using Scrivener for Mac to compile a PDF for print on demand
  34. Using Scrivener collections and Project Search to populate your series bible
  35. Cool features in Scrivener for Windows' recent updates (includes highlighting in compile, project replace for non-printing characters)
  36. Scrivener and NaNoWriMo for the win (2016)
  37. Choosing a Scrivener project template
  38. Using Scrivener with Story Genius (at Writer Unboxed)
  39. Working with Projects in Scrivener for iOS (w/videos)
  40. Setting Up Your Scrivener Project for Easier Compiling (at Writer Unboxed)
  41. Storyboarding with Scrivener (at Writer Unboxed; all about working with index cards and the Corkboard)
  42. 4 Ways to Make Notes in Scrivener (at Writer Unboxed with video; covers annotations, comments, doc/project notes)

Scrivener 1.x Posts (some updated for Mac 2.x and Windows 1.x)

  1. Intro to Scrivener
  2. Full Screen mode, custom Labels, Synopses
  3. Tracking progress
  4. Split and Merge
  5. Word frequency
  6. Snapshots and Unused Scenes
  7. Split screen
  8. Handy Binder features (duplicating files, grouping files into a folder, changing label/status, tinting icons)
  9. Advanced Searches
  10. Project Replace
  11. Templates
  12. Save Compile Manuscript settings
  13. Annotations
  14. Linking Documents
  15. Format Menu tidbits (eliminate double spaces, show invisible characters, typewriter scrolling)
  16. File and Photo tidbits (alternate photo view, quick export, easy doc txfr between projects)
  17. Saving Layouts
  18. Advanced Highlighter features
  19. Keywords