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Thanks for 6 years of community and sharing

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On October 27th, my blog/website turned six! It started out as The Edited Life—which I thought was oh, so clever until I realized there was a radio show and a book or two by the same name—a place for me to establish a presence online even though I wasn’t yet published. Agents and editors back in 2009 were recommending (and still do) that all authors have a web page. So I made one.

Like everyone else who didn’t yet have anything to attract readers, I blogged for other writers (and hoped a few friends would show up). And then about three weeks in, I wrote about the writing program my friend had recommended called Scrivener.

Then I kept writing about it because it was fun, and I’m a nerd about stuff like that.

People started finding my site, I published a few books, taught some classes and workshops, and now I have this awesome community of writers and readers. You’ve gone along for the ride as I’ve shared travel stories, lessons learned, rejections, successes, plans, failures, struggles, and motivations. And best of all, you’ve shared back.

To all of you—whether you’ve been with me since the early days, or just joined me recently—thank you!

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  1. Henry


    Congratulations Gwen! And thanks for sharing on your blog. The Scrivener material adds to the pleasure!

  2. Reply

    Gwen. Congratulations! From the Daily Squirrel to Blind Ambition ( especially the steamy parts) it has been fun for this reader. Thank you for engaging the adventure. And, again, thanks for Scrivener for Dummies. It made all the difference in getting up the learning curve.

    What’s next?

    • Reply

      Ah, thanks, Curtis, LOL! You’ve been an important part of this community from early on and I really appreciate it. So happy I have something to give back.

      I’m (slowly, as always) working on book three in the Men of Steele series, and might have some news on other fronts to share soon. Gotta keep a few secrets. 😉 Hope you’re well!

  3. Reply

    Do you suffer from ringing ears? It’s my fault because I’m always mentioning your name and your classes whenever the word “Scrivener” comes up in conversation. Congratulations on your 6th anniversary, Gwen.
    Jeannie Leighton

  4. Donna


    Gwen, congratulations on your six-year anniversary! You are a terrific teacher of all things Scrivener…

  5. Reply

    Happy Blog Birthday! I’m always happy to see your posts. Fun and informative. Looking forward to the next six years and beyond.

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