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My own Veterans Day heroes

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The heroes in my current romantic suspense series are all veterans. Their best qualities are influenced by the real-life heroes I’ve been surrounded by since birth. My dad (Army and Navy), my uncle (Navy), my husband (Air Force), my father-in-law (Marines and Air Force), and many friends across services.

There is no one type of person who chooses the military, but the men and women I know who serve(d) embody honor, integrity, self-sacrifice, and loyalty. They are both average Americans and extraordinary people. They are conservative, liberal, religious, atheist, omnivores, vegans, intense, easy going, confident, shy, fast, slow, and everything in between.

To all of them: Thank You.

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    A delightful tribute. How did your husband come to be in both the Army and the Navy? That’s a little unusual, I should think. In any case, thank you for the wonderful post.

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      Jeffrey: It was actually my dad who did both (hubby has stuck with the Air Force for almost 20 years). My dad separated from the Army when I was eight, but later decided he wanted to rejoin the military and retire from it. He’s a nurse–and was under the age of 41 at the time–so both services were happy to take him, but he decided the Navy would be a better fit. I’m sure locations near the water were part of the draw. 😉 He served the Navy for 21 years. Thanks!

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