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Tech Tuesday: Scrivener 2.0 is coming!!

It’s coming, it’s coming! Scrivener 2.0 is officially—finally—almost here. I cannot wait for the release, currently set for an undetermined date in October. Here are a few of the new/updated features I’m looking forward to.

  • Improved integration between the Corkboard, Outliner, and Edit Scrivenings views.
  • Move index cards totally freeform around the Corkboard.
  • Print index cards!
  • For those used to Page Layout view in Word or similar software, Scrivener 2.0 now boasts its own version. Great for visualizing your writing by pages instead of just word count.
  • Snapshots will now show up in the Inspector, and best of all, will include a compare feature. I’ve been waiting for this.
  • The full screen function was updated with several features, including the ability to put in your own background photo instead of just solid colors. I’m envisioning some leaves or an ocean view in my future…
  • Organize documents into collections in the Binder. For example by POV, status, or whatever label you want.
  • Make revisions with a different text color to help you keep your edits straight.
  • Copy a document as an HTML file for easy blog posting. This will be super handy for me since I now use Scrivener to write and archive all of my blog posts.
  • Scrivener will now support exporting to EPUB format for use on Sony Reader, iBooks, etc. Super Brownie points for this one!

That’s a brief taste of what’s to come with 2.0. The best part? The upgrade is only $25, and new users get the wonder that is Scrivener for only $45. I would gladly pay double that or more. And, no, I’m not an affiliate. I don’t make any money if you click on the link from here.

Scrivener has changed the way I write—and organize my writing—for the better. I’ll never go back to a plain old word processor again. I’d rather write longhand. :-p

Go to the Literature and Latte blog for more details on the upcoming release.

Write on!

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  1. Reply

    I am SO EXCITED about being able to print the darn index cards….and god bless the guys for making the upgrade so inexpensive. This is the ONLY way I write now. 🙂

    PS – since you’re local now, would you like to join us for lunch next Monday? Couple of writers I know and love, we try to get together for a writing lunch every so often.

    • Reply

      Yep. Love those guys for so many reasons.

      Email me off loop. I’d love to connect in person. DM me if you don’t still have my address. Thanks!

  2. Curtis


    I’m a Scrivener convert also. I’ve been using it since NaNoWriMo of last year. There are so many ways it can be used.

    I agree Keith and his sidekick are great guys. I had reason to communicate with them during my start up use of Scrivener. It was a breeze. They are good people.

    I just hope moving into the Windows world doesn’t wreck them. We have one of each in our house. The whole world takes a shot at that system. We wrestle with it all the time.

    • Reply

      Hey, Curtis. You definitely couldn’t find a nicer bunch of people at a business. I think your concern re: Windows is valid, but I hope they can pull it off for all of the people out there who will never switch to Mac. But I’m with you. Windows can be a real chore. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out they have someone else working on that side of things. Who knows?

      • Reply

        That is definitely the case. Keith remains devoted to the Mac version of Scrivener. Development and improvement of the Mac version will continue onward at full speed. Case in point, the Windows version has been in development for two years now, and hasn’t slowed or impacted the release of 2.0. There are big plans ahead once 2.0 is out, as well.

        The Windows version is being developed by an entirely different team. So think of this more as an expansion, rather than an increase in complexity.

        • Reply

          Thanks for the clarification, Ioa. I saw today on the L&L site that it was a whole different team. That should ease some Mac users’ minds. I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Christine


    I jumped for joy about the index cards! Woohoo!!! And I’m curious about the snapshot feature. I use it a lot now in Scrivener. Well worth the upgrade cost!!

    Excited 🙂

  4. Reply

    I am content with the original. I got it six months ago and found it helpful almost instantly, but I’m still finding features that facilitate my writing. But, I’ll by the new version as soon as I can.

    • Reply

      Hey, Mark. I think most of us like 1.0 also, which is why we’re so excited, because 2.0 is bound to be more of a good thing.

      The main reason I started the Tech Tuesday posts was to share the helpful features I found in Scrivener that a lot of my fellow writers didn’t know about.

      Rest assured I’ll be back at it once I start learning the secrets of 2.0. Thanks for dropping in. Good luck with your writing!

  5. Reply

    You know I was completely jealous, right? Until… yeah, baby… Oct 25th… Windows version (beta) of Scrivener!! Woohoo!

    Those guys are awesome!

    • Reply

      I know. I’m really excited for all of my PC friends who can now enjoy their own version. Gotta love the L&L guys for keeping the writing world happy. =)

  6. Reply

    Thanks for the summary of the new changes. I don’t even use all the features of 1.0 but will upgrade anyway. I do use index cards on my storyboard and have been doing them with Word. I don’t use the corkboard w/Scrivener at all. This may change now!

    • Reply

      Hey, pooks, no problem. This is just scratching the surface. I don’t use every feature either, including some of those I’ve blogged about, but there’s something for everyone’s writing style.

      Good luck!

  7. CR



    I’m testing Scrivener at the moment and it’s doing fine. So I am wondering if there is any advantage buying Scrivener at apples app store over purchasing it directly from literatureandlatte.
    Do you know any?


    • Reply

      Carsten: I can’t think of any advantage other than maybe a central source for all of your software updates. Whichever route you choose, you’ll have to stick with it. So, if you buy through the app store, you’ll get your updates that way. If not, updates will be handled by the Scrivener program (in which case the software will check for them automatically, or you can force a check).

      I prefer to route people directly to L&L, because purchases through Apple eat into the developer’s profits. The real value for them in putting it up on the app store was to reach users who otherwise might not find them.

      Either way, good luck!

  8. Reply

    I was wondering if I need to order one of the instruction packages for training. I am going to sigh up for your instruction classes but I am not computer savvy. I have worked on a computer for 30 years but it was a government computer with only their programs loaded. I also have been away from that from that since 2012. I have this free trial offered by you and SinC. I am a writer with files all over my home computer of books and parts of books I have written and it takes me forever if at all to get them together for rewrite or edit. This is the reason I think your program will be so helpful. But I don’t want to hold up a group/class with basic questions. I do better with written instructions will the classes you have be what I need?

    • Reply

      50at70: If you take the intro class that starts in September, it begins with the basics. Trust me, there will be plenty of students with very beginner questions. And that’s fine! Questions are asked on the forum, so anyone who isn’t interested in your question can just ignore that thread.

      The course materials are written, supplemented with a couple of videos that walk you through the topics visually. If you think that will work for you, I’d love to have you in class! Either way, good luck with your writing. 🙂

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