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The Sunday Squirrel: almost

“I’m not allowed to kiss you,” Nick said. He leaned his forearm against the wall over Keri’s head and looked down at her with sin in his eyes.

She licked her lips as her stomach flip-flopped and her heart beat wildly. She shouldn’t want him. But those piercing blue eyes and that cocky grin did her in every time. She pressed herself against the wall, too aware of his body heat and clean, spicy scent. “Says who?” she asked with more bravado than she felt.

“Your brother.”

As if she hadn’t known. Rob still treated her like a naive teenager, in spite of the fact that she was old enough to drink the beer in her hand. She took a quick swig from the brown bottle and suppressed a grimace at the bitter taste. “He’s not in charge of me,” she said, raising her chin in defiance. “I choose who I kiss.”

Nick glanced at her mouth and heat flooded her limbs. Would it be so bad if she gave in? Just this once? Yes! She scooted out from under him, unwilling to be his flavor of the week. Not even if he were the best kisser in the world. Which he probably was.

Women talked, and she’d heard more than she wanted.

Nick left behind a woman with a broken heart every time he left for Afghanistan. Her brother did too, for that matter. But apparently Rob wanted someone better for his little sister than what any of his teammates had to offer.

That was fine. So did she. But knowing what she wanted in a man didn’t keep her from dreaming about Nick and what it would be like to let him have his wicked way with her. If she had any notion that he’d actually be interested in more than a fling, she’d have been all over him. But she knew better.

So did he, yet for some reason he loved to tease her. Maybe because he knew she’d turn him down. It was like a game. But what would he do if she actually said “yes”? Probably freak out and run the other way. Game over.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Far away from you, Romeo.”

But even when he was in Afghanistan, they weren’t far enough apart. No matter where she went, he was always on her mind.

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