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The Sunday Squirrel: poem for my grandmother

My brain is full of lists of things I need to do for the move, so I'm cheating on the impromptu part today. Instead, I dug up a poem I wrote for my grandmother several days before she died in 2001 at the age of 93. She was an amazing woman full of smiles and laughter and a sense of adventure. She lived with us for 18 months while we were in Germany, and I spent many weekends at her house when I lived in Tucson. We had a special bond for which I will be forever grateful.

Long over the years you’ve seen,
So many things have changed.
From carriages to motorcars,
And even more insane.

Depression, Hitler, World War II,
A new family to start.
Motherhood is now your cause,
And Arizona’s in your heart.

Men in space and still you race,
Head held high and strong.
Loving arms of motherhood,
Growing ever long.

Peace and love and war rage on,
Generations born anew.
And so the family grows,
And grand-motherhood ensues.

Deutschland awaits, we’re at the gates
And off to see the world.
Back seat giggles and stories abound,
Precious to a little girl.

Robots, rap and techno pop,
The malls we scoured for hours.
And love grew stronger in my heart,
As did this bond of ours.

Another war, the Internet,
New babies in your hand.
Now a mother can add greatness,
Where once was merely grand.

Y2K and still we stay,
A new century is born.
Across the generations ours is
A tie that can’t be shorn.

There’s more to see, I beg you to stay,
But only for selfish gain.
If in your heart you long to be free,
Then I’d rather ease your pain.

If freedom will bring you joy,
Then let your spirit soar.
May sunshine brighten every day
For you for evermore.

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  1. Reply

    Nice poem Gwen! you are so (multi) talented!
    So your Grandmother lived till 93? this is amazing for the old generation!
    My grandfather lived over 100…
    I guess we will live as much if not longer, you and I ? :):):)

    • Reply

      Yes. I can only hope for her genes! She walked and swam pretty much daily well into her 80s, and was youthful and full of laughter till the end.

      Wow, 100! Let’s hope we get to see numbers like that!

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