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Sweet (temp) home Alabama

Nine days until we strike out for Virginia. Most of you know that I'm more than ready to leave Alabama, but I didn't hate–or even dislike–it here. In fact there are several things I will miss.

So here's my own list of the best things about my 10 months in Prattville (in random order):

  • Very little traffic, even during “peak” hours.
  • Little Caesar's Hot-n-Ready $5 pepperoni pizza.
  • New Air Force friends.
  • A nice dog park nearby (but didn't really need it due to fenced yard and lots of walks/jogs).
  • Great new writer friends through the wonderful Southern Magic chapter of RWA in Birmingham, my blog, and Twitter.
  • Beautiful monthly drive to Birmingham for chapter meetings.
  • Eating alligator at a Cajun restaurant.
  • Wonderful local swim team with enthusiastic, helpful coaches who helped my boys improve their technique.
  • Two trips to the beach: Mobile/Biloxi and Destin.
  • Meeting my awesome critique partner and writing friend, Christine. We had fun times at Panera and Barnes & Noble at the Summit in Birmingham.
  • Plenty of green landscape. Love, love, love the trees. Even the kudzu is pretty, albeit destructive.
  • No waiting at any restaurant on Saturday night during football season, even at the most popular establishments.

There's always something to love about every place we go. I'm sure I missed a few things, but these stuck out for me. Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a place you've lived?

Cooter's Pond in Prattville (yes, really)

Swim meet at Auburn

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  1. Christine


    I shall miss meeting you at the Summit, my friend. But we will see each other in DC this summer and at NATIONALS!! I can’t wait. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways and we can’t always know why we are placed where we are placed.

    I believe one of the reasons I was placed here in AL is to meet you. And that is a good and wonderful reason indeed.

    I can’t wait to see what you do next in your new life and with your writing career!!


    • Reply

      Yes, good times. I’m looking forward to this summer!

      What a sweet sentiment. It’s been my experience that something good comes out of everything that happens. Meeting you is one of the highlights. Thanks for being such a good friend and mentor.

  2. Reply

    Up. Up. and away! Have a nice flight. A good move and in the famous words of Shirly Temple, On the Good Ship Lollypop, “happy landing on a chocolate bar.”

    I think I saved a lot of wear and tear for myself over the years by thinking that home was where, as the old codgers used to say, ” Where I hung my hat.”

    Granted. South Ga has been a test of that. But, it has moved from total aggravation to fascination. Still no hook in sight though. 🙂

  3. Reply

    You are so pragmatic Gwen, it is interesting how you evaluate your experience… makes me laugh at my post about Going to Africa and how emotional I was writing it. LOL LOL LOL.
    Waiting for you here in Virginia my friend. I will set a welcoming committee 🙂

    • Reply

      My CP (critique partner) is always telling me how I skip the emotion in my writing. Guess I did it again. I’m nothing if not pragmatic. Some people use a different word, but I like that one. 😉

      I can’t wait to meet you before you go on your big adventure!

  4. Reply

    I just posted a reply to your comment on my post, I definitely want to meet you, but I want us also to go out with Holly too @spleeness you have to meet her in person:) I will talk to her about it too.
    Have a wonderful Memorial day Gwen.

  5. Reply

    You now what is amazing in your personality Gwen is that in your stories you are unbelievably emotional.
    I think you put so much drama and feeling in your romance stories and nothing is left for your blog 🙂

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