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Get a move on

My posting schedule will be erratic for the next few weeks as we finish up in Alabama and head to Virginia. The four of us are stepping all over each other in the hotel room, and unfortunately we can't leave until after graduation on Monday (required attendance). Don't get me started on the planning that requires us to wait a whole weekend for a one-hour ceremony before we can leave town.

I was expecting–or at least hoping–to have a little time to write. Instead, I've had small snippets of time where I've kept up with Twitter and browsed my email, but that's about it, usually while working out, eating, or waiting for the kids to walk the dog.

Sorry, this isn't very exciting, I just wanted to let my loyal followers (thanks guys!) know that I'm still around, but just really busy right now.

I'm going to a speech by the wife of a former POW tomorrow. Maybe that'll give me something more interesting to talk about than moving boxes, stubbing my toe on a moving box, living out of a suitcase, and house hunting. 😉

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    I had forgotten what a joy moving is… lol. Take it easy, don’t try to over do it. 🙂 Like Curtis said, we’ll be here when you swing by.

    • Reply

      Thanks, Martha. Not all of moving is bad, but it’s always busier than I remember. It’s like having a baby that way. You forget the pain… 😀

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    Thanks Gwen for keeping us posted about your move 🙂 I like to know all the details especially that (like I told you) I am going to go through the same thing soon.
    Good luck,
    I am thinking of you

    • Reply

      Thanks, Mirella. Now that I have a blog, I can whine all I want and my husband doesn’t have to listen. I can annoy my blog friends instead. 😉 Actually, I always find moving exciting, but the few days around the actual packing and such is always hectic. We’re on autopilot now.

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    Oh, all of you in one hotel room. That’s the worst! There are a lot of trials to a move, but four people living out of suitcases in one room sounds like torture.

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