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So not Wonder Woman

Okay, so I already missed my blog post on the second day of the year. Ugh, goals, right? I give myself one day off each week, but since I took most of the week off already, I didn't intend to miss a post this soon. But, really, it was a good thing.

I was too busy writing!

The thing about goals and daily tasks is that they have to be prioritized. In my Daily Writing Plan for this year, the first three items (write 1000 wpd, complete daily tasks, blog) are tasks, and the remaining items are really reminders of what not to do unless the first three are finished.

I put the tasks in order of importance. Notice writing comes first. Huh. Weird. So even though I don't always follow my own rule on this–like right now ;-)–the blog is supposed to be subordinate to writing. As are things like judging contest entries, working on class assignments, and reading email.

Goals and plans are important to me, but I also have to be able to cut myself some slack. As much as I always wanted to be Wonder Woman–she had the cool invisible jet and bullet-deflecting bracelets after all, and who wouldn't want to look like Lynda Carter in a leotard?–I can't do everything.

Understanding my limits is just as important as pushing their boundaries. If the goals weren't a challenge, they wouldn't be worth pursuing. Occasional failure is inevitable.

So, I'm cutting myself some slack, patting myself on the back for meeting yesterday's writing goal, and jumping back on board with the daily plan.

The Daily Squirrel: Eden (a coworker's viewpoint)

Every day, Eden wore her auburn hair in an up-do more appropriate for a formal occasion than a day at the office. As she passed doorways on the way to her office, she smiled at everyone, as if bestowing a gift on them with her very presence. And don't get me started on her outfits. Tall and slim, she knew how good she looked, and every tailored silk suit was an opportunity to prove it.

She thought she was Katie Couric or something with her bare legs and slingback heels that screamed, “You know you want me,” to every man in the office. The rest of us faded into the background like so much wallpaper when Eden was around.

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  1. Christine


    I missed it, too! I need to come up with something completely wonderful NOW. Aack!

    • Martha W


      Uh…I just realized today that you blogged yesterday on RM. So really it’s like you blogged today…*grin*

  2. Martha W


    It always helps to have some give in any goals that you set. That way you don’t give up at the first sign of slouching…

    Great squirrel today… how do you do the little box thing?

    • Reply

      I definitely need to give myself wiggle room so I don’t get depressed!

      This squirrel will be part of a series about Eden from different perspectives. I’m trying to work on character development.

      I think the box is meant for pull-out quotes, but anyway, it’s the button at the top of the editing menu that has a large double quote in it. I discovered it by accident one day when I was playing around with all of the buttons. The yellow box doesn’t show in the editor (the text is just offset).

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