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Still in the ballpark

In an effort to stay positive, I decided to celebrate my writing hits for 2009. I took the misses into account when writing my daily plan and 2010 goals, but today's post is all about getting, and staying, in the game. Even if I'm not batting a thousand. (Sorry, I'm having too much fun with baseball metaphors…)

  1. Started writing in January! Joined RWA in March.
  2. Completed two manuscripts (When You're Not Looking and Counting on You) and started Floater. (Also wrote about 100 pages each of two others that may or may not be revisited. The characters, however, are eager for my return.)
  3. Entered Counting on You in three contests. Received helpful feedback, and took 1st place in one contest. Also entered it in the 2010 Golden Heart.
  4. Joined Southern Magic RWA chapter and met some great, helpful authors and aspiring writers.
  5. Met my great writing friend and most awesome CP, Christine, thanks to unlikely mutual acquaintance, Marie.
  6. Queried four agents with Counting on You. Got two standard rejections, one partial request, and have one still outstanding.
  7. Got my PRO status with RWA.
  8. Started writing romantic suspense–the genre I really want to write, but was afraid to try–with a little (friendly) push from Laura.
  9. Attended a fabulous reader's luncheon where I mingled with cool authors like Lynn Rae Harris, Christy Reece, Kimberly Lang, Anne Stuart, and many others.
  10. Started an almost-daily blog.
  11. Judged a contest for the first time and got all my entries done on time, complete with comments on the score sheet and the MS.
  12. Read eight craft books and took one online class.

It's been a busy and exciting year. I can only hope that with my goals written down, and the continued support of friends and family, 2010 will be even better!

Getting an agent would be a nice start, but first I have to finish the book, revise it, get my CP to look it over, revise it again, polish it, send out queries…

The Daily Squirrel: Eden, part II (a different coworker's viewpoint)

Eden really knew how to light up a room. She had a smile for everyone, and her colorful suits were a bright spot in a sea of gray and black. When some of us asked for help with our own wardrobes, she happily shared tips for dressing professionally without being boring.

During meetings, she had a way of keeping everyone on track without ruffling feathers, and always had a humorous quip ready in case the mood turned too serious.

Most of all, though, what drew me to Eden was her generous heart. When she heard my husband was in the hospital after a car accident, she brought over homemade dinners for a week so the kids and I could spend more time with Rob. That was even before we were friends.

Eden was a beautiful woman inside and out, and I always enjoyed work more when she was around.

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  1. Reply

    I, too, like to look at what I *did* accomplish in the past year, even if it wasn’t on my original goal list for the year. You have to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments you made, not bemoan the ones you missed. (Writing is a tough gig; take all the sunshine and happiness when you can! ~grin~)

    But it sounds like you had a very successful 2009, and you definitely have the right attitude going into 2010!

    • Reply

      Thanks so much for dropping by Kimberly! I’m definitely a “focus on the positive” type of person. I think my optimism probably drives my husband nuts sometimes, but I could never even consider writing as a profession if I weren’t that way.

      Good luck in 2010. I’m looking forward to your upcoming releases!

  2. Christine


    Gwen, your learning curve is outstanding! Wow, what a fabulous year indeed. 🙂

    • Reply

      Thanks! I owe much of my business accomplishments to your encouragement. I would not have had the confidence to query so early in the game, and thus would not have my PRO status. Thanks for all you do!

      • Christine


        You did the work. You earned the rewards. I only said to go for it. You did. GOOD FOR YOU!! So many times I say this to others and they aren’t willing to do the work. I just talked to another dear CP up in VA (and she is so excited to meet you if you move there and I will be there in spirit HUGS) and we both agreed, it’s hard but if you’re willing to do the work, you will get there.

        And you’re giving so much in return. In fact, the other day I was washing my hair, and I could write my inspiration down in the shower 😉

  3. Martha W


    I second the wow!

    These are some great achievements, Gwen! Here’s hoping 2010 is even better…*wink*

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