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High Resolution

Happy 2010! I hope you all had a great holiday. My household is catching up on laundry and email as we recover from a great trip to visit family in Phoenix. And, like many of you, I'm thinking about goals.

Even though resolutions for the new year have become cliché, I find it helpful to evaluate past goals and set a new course for the year to follow. Goals help me see more clearly how productive I've been, as well as where I want to go.

In a November post, I listed a daily plan that I'm using to be more productive. It includes micro goals that get me through each day and help me take advantage of my most productive/creative hours for writing, while saving my “slump” hours for other tasks.

Based on the last two months, I've tweaked the daily plan to be more realistic, but still challenging.

2010 Daily Writing Plan

  1. Write 1000 net words/day, at least 6 days/week, and track in Scrivener
  2. Finish daily goals on to-do list (judging, query letters, synopsis, CP readings, etc.)
  3. Post blog entry including Daily Squirrel, at least 6 days/week
  4. Limit email to three times/day unless daily goals are met
  5. Work out before 7:30 am, or during afternoon/evening
  6. Limit FB and blog reading to 30 minutes/day, unless daily goals are met
  7. No fiction reading unless daily goals are met

Writing Goals for 2010

  • read one writing craft book/month
  • enter Floater and possibly Diego's story in GH and Maggie's
  • attend RWA National Conference (pitch Floater and series?)
  • complete and polish three single title MSs

1/31 – Finish rough draft of Floater (and come up with better title)
2/28 – Finish first major revision of Floater (using Maass & other books)
2/28 – enter Floater in Great Beginnings Contest (finish and apply Hooked)
3/01 – Start next book for DEA series (Diego's story)
4/01-4/15 – Touch up Floater after CP feedback
5/31 – Finish rough draft of Diego's story (before we move in early June)
6/XX – Move to ???, trip to Europe (try to write/revise/brainstorm at least 30 minutes, 6 dpw)
7/15 – query at least five agents with Floater
7/31 – create pleasant and creativity-inducing writing space in new home
7/31 – Finish major revisions on Diego's story, get CP feedback
8/01 – start another book (TBD, part of series, or other idea)
9/01-9/15 – Touch up Diego's story with CP feedback
10/31 – finish rough draft of 3rd book
11/30 – Finish major revisions on 3rd book

What are some of your goals for the new year?

The Daily Squirrel: interview

John forced himself to sit still even though he wanted to adjust his tie, wipe his brow, and fiddle with his gold pen. With a baby on the way, he needed this promotion more than ever. And, dammit, he was the right person for the job. At least his wife kept telling him so.

“What makes you think you're the best candidate for plant manager?” Helen, his long-time boss and good friend, asked in a cool, professional tone. He knew she'd be impartial, but damn, couldn't she at least smile to put him at ease?

“Well, I've decreased the operating costs and increased productivity in my area at least ten percent annually for the last five years. I also spearheaded the new product line roll out, which was on-time and under budget. And my department has the lowest turnover rate in the entire company. I'd like the opportunity to do the same for the entire plant.”

Amazingly, his voice sounded confident, even as his hands trembled in his lap, hidden from view by the conference table.

Helen glanced at the two men sitting to either side of her. “And we'd like to give it to you,” Helen said, finally giving him a smile. “You've got the job.”

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  1. Christine


    Oh, I am looking forward to all the reading! Woohoo!! I haven’t broken my macro goals down to micro goals yet. Planning to do it tomorrow.

    Looking forward to doing this in person 🙂

    Happy New Year! May this be the year you get the call!

    • Reply

      Can’t wait to see you this month, too. And, don’t give up on FTC. I really enjoyed the first 50. Got my feedback from LHAoE (didn’t final), and had some very helpful comments. Some of it I’d already changed, some I hadn’t caught yet. So that was a success either way.

  2. Christine


    Let’s go over the scores for LH when we meet this month. I’m gathering my wits for picking up the writing again on Monday/Tuesday. DD doesn’t head back to school till the 5th (why?) and that’s throwing me off my start time.

    I’m emailing you more…. 🙂

  3. Reply

    You have fantastic goals. I’m not very good at those types of specific goals. My goals are more general, like “Get SOMETHING published this year.” LOL. And yeah, limiting FB use isn’t a bad goal either. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    • Reply

      In the end, all my goals boil down to: get something published! 😀 I’m just kind of anal, left-brained, into details… Good luck and happy new year!

  4. Martha W


    Oooh… those are really specific! Feels like I slacked. LOL!

    Good luck with those and if you need anything, give a holler.

    =) M

    • Reply

      Thanks, Martha! You’re not slacking. Like I told Kathleen, I’m just kind of detail-oriented. And, the calendar set up really helps me stay on track. Everyone should do what works for them.

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