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  1. Christine


    I just sent in my goals for writing to my GIAMx4 group. Will I achieve all of them? Probably not. But I know I’ll have fun trying. Breaking it all down tomorrow into manageable bites.

  2. Martha W


    I think every serious writer has one of these moments… hopefully not all as almost-tragic, but still, we have one. You can’t make something happen if you don’t have the motivation and dedication to get it done. And do what it takes to get there.

    Here’s to a great 2010! Happy New Year!

    • Reply

      I agree, Martha. I’ve wanted to be a writer (in various incarnations) almost my whole life, but I wasn’t ready to actually do it until a year ago. Quitting work and getting bored helped immensely, finding the right genre was paramount, but being in a place in my life where I was disciplined enough to put in the work has been the most important piece. I sometimes lament not having started earlier, but maybe I wasn’t ready then. Happy new year and good luck with your writing in 2010!

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