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Romancing the Vote auction is live!

Some of you were around for the Romancing the Runoff auction in 2020 that raised almost $500,000. (You rock!) Well, now the organizers are back with Romancing the Vote, an auction where all proceeds go to Fair Fight, a nonprofit organization supporting safe and easy access to fair voting for everyone.

Some of the biggest names in entertainment are offering signed books, Zoom chats, writing critiques, and more.

In addition to my 1-Hour of Private Scrivener training, here are some of the fabulous items on the block:

There are also a limited number of “Buy It Now” items available at lower price points so everyone can participate.

Bidding starts right now, and ends Friday the 18th at 6pm Pacific time. I hope you win something awesome! If you do, I’d love to hear about it. Happy Valentine's Day!

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