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Cover quotes, Scrivener, snow, and Apples

So, I’m still kind of flabbergasted that it’s April already, cliché as that is. But it’s been a busy winter/spring, so it’s no wonder I feel like a raft in the rapids of time.

Here’s what’s been going on lately with me.

New book. Just in case you missed it, Blind Ambition released last month. So far reviews are (yay!) good, and I got this fabulous quote from New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin!

Packed with action and emotion. BLIND AMBITION is a page-turner!

My first cover quote (though it won’t be on my cover right away). 😀

Blind Ambition cover

Guest post. Speculative fiction writer David McDonald asked me to visit his blog and share how I use Scrivener to write a novel. If you’re so inclined, check it out.

Social Media Connecting Blog Communication Content Concept

Snow. Yep, we had a record amount of it for my first winter in New England, and we’re getting more today. But this weekend is supposed to be fabulous. My weather of choice is definitely on its way.

crocus flowers in snow

Teaching. I’ve been crazy busy with Scrivener online classes and workshops this year. I’ve already been to blissfully warm and green Jacksonville, Florida and nearby Burlington, Massachusetts to present, and I have another workshop this weekend in New Hampshire.

I’m in the middle of my Intermediate/Advanced Concepts course right now, and the Compile class starts May 11th. The fun never stops.


New computer. My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary this year. Go us! 😉 Since I'm not big into jewelry—yes, I'm sure this is one of the reasons my husband loves me—I opted for an iMac. It’s my first Apple desktop and I LOVE it. The 21” screen makes working on class lessons a cinch, and has so much visual real estate that I never want to leave my desk. Good thing it’s a standup desk (though I do have a stool for times when I need a break)!

iMac computer

I hope your spring is going well! What’s new with you?

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  1. Reply

    Well, exactly how much snow do you have? You aren’t that far from my (late) grandparents former farm. But it is really nice and cheery when the crocus appear with their colorful flowers. (I don’t recall the color variety being as nice, way back when I was a kid.) I would like to congratulate you on your new iMac. If you connect it to a second Apple monitor you will really have the most amazing and panoramic productivity boost. Enjoy it, and remember: every 2 years or so, get a new one. It will pay off for you.

    • Reply

      Bob: Just a few small piles here and there, and some mountains in the snow farm. And the flowers aren’t mine. I got that photo from DollarPhoto. 😉 Thanks!

  2. Reply

    Twenty Years!! Congratulations! Macs are handy for sure. Side by side viewing is r e a l l y nice. Glad you are finally out from under the White Mt.

    • Reply

      Curtis: Crazy, right? Thank you! Definitely glad to be out from under all the snow. We still have some hills of it lying around where they were dumping it, but the weather has been fabulous the last few days. 😀

  3. McLarenJen


    I too have acquired a wonderful new iMac and love it. I’m curious about the standup desk? What type is it? What do you think of using it?

    • Reply

      My goodness, the Pottery Barn table is over $1,000! There must be plenty of construction plans available for stand up tables that can be built for a lot less cost than that. You can even create table legs that are adjustable height so you can have a table that is at the perfect height for you (rather than for an “average” person.) Typesetters and printers and many other artisans have long needed stand-up tables. I used to work at them all those years ago — in my Uncle’s commercial greenhouses, and at the offices of a printer. So I like the idea of a stand up table; it brings back really good memories. The Minwax website might have free construction plans for such tables. I notice they have extremely high quality woodworking project plans.

      • Reply

        I know, Bob. I’m way too cheap to spend that much money on a desk. (My money goes to travel and gadgets. 😉 ) We got mine for about $200 at a discount furniture store in Virginia (another anniversary gift). And, yes, there are tons of DIY plans on the internet for a similar desk. Some people just buy two bookshelves and put a board, old tabletop, or door on top. I used to use an old dining table with a large cardboard box on top. Worked for years!

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