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Scrivener Masters Course: Compile (Mac & Windows)
Date: May 5-9, 2014 (plus open Q&A through May 12th)
Price: $20

MacReg  WinReg

Do you love Scrivener, but get stuck when it comes to compiling (exporting) your work? This one-week compile course will cover everything you need to know to get your manuscript out of Scrivener and into a beautiful Word document, PDF, e-book, or print-on-demand file.

Topics include:
- Best practices for setting up your project file
- Handling front matter and back matter
- Understanding the different compile options and features
- Chapter auto-numbering, formatting, and saving compile presets
- Creating specific types of output: DOC/RTF, EPUB/MOBI, PDF for print-on-demand services

Format: The course is conducted in a virtual classroom, which allows me to post daily lessons in DOC and PDF for students to download, and provides a forum for asking/answering questions. The course also includes at least two video screencasts where I answer student questions through an on-screen demonstration.

Prerequisites: Either have taken my 4-week course, or have a good grasp of Scrivener’s terminology and major functions.


Scrivener for Mac & Scrivener for Windows

Date: Next course will start in September 2014
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Length: 5 weeks (4 weeks of lessons + 1 week for additional questions)
Price: $45

Scrivener’s greatest strength is its flexibility, but are you using this popular writing program to its full potential? This class will teach you how to customize your projects for the way you write. You’ll also learn simple but powerful tools for organizing, visualizing, revising, and sharing your work.

The month-long workshop is for anyone with a beginning to intermediate level of experience with Scrivener. Lessons are posted Monday through Friday and may take 30-90 minutes to complete depending on your proficiency. The instructor is available for questions throughout the course.

Topics include:

- Interface and terminology overview

- Customization: Labels, full screen, binder, templates

- Working with files and folders: moving, renaming, splitting and merging, grouping, snapshots, split screen, advanced searches, collections, keywords

- Helpful tidbits: tracking progress, setting goals, adding annotations and comments, evaluating word frequency, compiling, printing synopses, references

- And more!

Prerequisites: I suggest you at least open the program and familiarize yourself with the layout before class.

Format: The course is conducted in a virtual classroom, which allows me to post daily lessons in DOC and PDF for students to download, and provides a forum for asking/answering questions. The course also includes a weekly video screencast where I answer student questions through an on-screen demonstration.


“Once again, thanks for such a great class. Your knowledge about this topic is unbelievable and your willingness to dig in and solve our tricky issues is much appreciated.” ~ Barbara Barrett (Feb ’13 student)

Genealogist Julie Michutka (Sep ’12 student) talked about the class here.

“This class has been fabulous and has truly revolutionized my writing. I appreciate the great detail and well thought-through lessons and have recommended your August class to a number of other writers.” ~ Nicole Burnham, aka Niki Burnham (May ’11 student)

“I would rate this as one of the best on-line classes I’ve ever taken. Your skills are greatly appreciated.” ~ Carol Hutchens (Aug ’11 student)

“I can’t believe I’m sad a software class is over! The way you structured your classes (just the right length, the right amount of info, homework that reinforced but didn’t bore) as well as the clear step by step logic of your lessons was incredible.” ~ Tracey Hill-Bensalem (May ’11 student)

Harlequin Historical author DIANE GASTON (Aug ’11 student) plugged Scrivener and my class on her site.

“Thanks so much for a fabulous class! You made this not only painless, but fun. I wish I could learn all my software programs this way. You rock!!!” ~ Karen (Aug ’11 student)


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