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The iPad cometh

Mine's like this, except black, and with less interesting photos.

Okay, I'm super busy, but I just had to mention that I got a new iPad 3, and it's awesome. I'm still playing around with it, but one of these days I'll put up some posts about how to use the iPad with Scrivener.

And when Scrivener for iPad comes out–someday–I'll be ready. 🙂

Photo courtesy of Apple Inc.

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    I just inherited my wife’s iPad 2. She got a new iPad 3, which she deserves, because she uses it for everything.

    Now I just have to figure out how best to use it for writing, so if you come up with any tips/hints, please pass them along 🙂

  2. Reply

    I sync with simplenote- but you have to remember and manually do it at the start and end of a session. It works a treat, though. If you find anything better I’d be keen to know!

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    Welcome to the family! I got an iPad2 for Christmas and I’m still giddy. It’s the most wonderful device. I don’t think I will not have a pad from now on. Well, that sounded weird.

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      I know how you feel, Rich. Isn’t it loverly? With all my Mac toys I have a command center now. 😉

      And, yeah, that did sound weird. Double negative and all that…

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      I haven’t tried that one yet, Wendy. I downloaded Simplenote because it’s supposed to sync easily with Scrivener, but I use Evernote for all my research, ideas, and other notes to myself.

      I couldn’t see how to justify an iPad–no *need* for it–but man, I’m using the heck out of it, and it will definitely be great for travel.

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    I’m still using the original iPad and I love it. I can only imagine what this new one is like. One of these days I’ll iupgrade, but this one still does everything I need it to so I’m good. I rarely use it for writing but when I do, I use Evernote or just Notepad.

    Enjoy, Gwen.

    PS – iupgrade was a typo but it’s cute and appropriate so I’ll leave it.

    • Reply

      Ha, I love upgrade, Mary! 😉 This is my first iPad. I would’ve loved to get one when they first came out. I don’t know if the new features would be worth the upgrade if I already had one of the older versions.

      I love Evernote, but mostly plan to use the iPad for note taking, email, and internet. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind. 😉

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    I just got simplenote last week, and it is absolutely wonderful for syncing with iPad. Why did I wait so long? When simplenote first came out, there was a small fee, and I didn’t want to buy yet another app that I might not need, even if it would sync with Scrivener, because I had tons of apps to take notes on.

    Now the basic app is free and a few more features are available for a $19.99 /yr subscription. For simply syncing with Scrivener, though, the free version is ideal.

  6. Reply

    Gwen, I can almost get by with just the iPad. For short trips, I have no fear about leaving the laptop at home and just using the iPad. (Although, since I got the 11″ MacBook Air, I can take them both very easily.)

    And, I’m sure it’s obvious in my first sentence above that iPad should read Scrivener. *headslap*

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