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Get Lucky

Do you believe in luck? How can a writer not to some degree? If you're published, you probably feel that there was some luck involved, maybe some cosmic elements that aligned perfectly just as you were submitting queries.

If you're not yet published, especially if you've been working at it for years, I'm sure you feel that luck isn't on your side.

I believe in luck up to a point. The same query landing on the same agent's desk on two different days might not get the same response. That's the luck part. On the other hand, I also believe we have some control over how lucky we get. You have to be writing and submitting for your query to end up on the agent's desk in the first place.

Louis Pasteur is credited with saying, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

I say, “Prepare your mind, and increase your chances.”

Don't just write, work on your craft. Finish the book. Prepare a synopsis (yes, I know, ugh). Create a query. Get feedback. Write, revise, tweak.

Then, most important of all: SEND.

Make Friday the 13th a day to celebrate. Good luck!

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  1. Christine


    Great post–been practicing over here, too. Maybe I’ll get luckier, too!!

    And really increase submitting to agents/editors —

    Happy Friday the 13th!

  2. Reply

    Someone has been dropping some seriously good titles lately… I’m looking your way G.W.E.N. <—– implying acronym but not sure what that above said acronym is.

    Oui went to Paris

    Get Lucky..

    I think that workshop was worth it's weight in gold for you and now us.

    by the way, I was expecting something totally different when I saw the title "get lucky" but i'll take it anyway.

    • Reply

      Thanks, Rich. That means a lot, especially coming from you. And I figured the “Get Lucky” title would draw a few extra viewers (What? No BRay?). Probably disappointed, but still…

      Hmm. Good With Editorial Nonsense? Gwen Writes Explicit Novels? (That one’s even recursive, how cool is that? Though my novels aren’t *that* explicit…)

  3. Reply

    Yesterday, Friday the 13th was my birthday. How’s that for luck? I actually turned 13 on a Friday the 13th.

    I do believe in luck – both the accidental kind and the kind you make for yourself by being prepared.

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