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Oui went to Paris

I have been shirking my travelog duties lately, so today I thought I'd cover a little of my trip to Paris. As luck (good or bad, depending on your preferences) would have it, we arrived in Paris on Bastille Day.

We reached the city in time for dinner and then a nine o'clock boat tour on the Seine River, which motored past the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Grand Palais, and under bridge after beautiful bridge. I thought we would see the Bastille Day fireworks from the boat, but it didn't get dark in Paris until almost 11 pm! We took a bus tour of the important sites and then got out to join the masses lined up along the Seine to catch the celebration after dark.

The fireworks were, well, fireworks, but somehow it was neat to be watching them in Paris. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially since I'm not inclined to fight huge crowds. (Like the DC Cherry Blossom Festival. Never. Again.)

Our saintly bus driver fought the traffic for more than an hour and delivered us back to the hotel around 0130. The next day, we toured the Eiffel Tower and the Palace at Versailles, walked along the Avenue des Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe, and rode the Metro.

Sunflower fields in the French countryside

One of many boats on the Seine that appeared to be lived on

The Arc de Triomphe at night, with flag out for Bastille Day

Notre Dame

The Eiffel Tower, duh

View of Paris and the Arc de Triomphe from the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower

Garden at the Palace of Versailles - I found the garden more interesting than the building

Gardens at the Palace of Versailles

Toyota Showroom in on the Champs, just like any other store

It was a quick two days in a lovely city full of history. And people. I wanted to see the Louvre, but they had limited hours on the day we could go, so we missed it. I guess that's a good reason to go back, oui?

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    • Reply

      Very cool, Rich. Thanks for sharing. The quality is much better than some of my pictures. It’s hard to get good photos from a moving bus, and the ones that are crisp often have family in them. I try to keep them out of my blog, so my options were limited. =)

  1. Christine


    Paris is one of my favorite cities. I love the Latin Quarter, the Louvre and the Notre Dame. I’m glad you had a fabulous time there.

    Actually I love France in general… we’ve been to the Dordogne area and camped in France as the only Americans. We caused quite a stir.

    • Reply

      When I was a kid, we camped all over Europe. It was a great, inexpensive way to see a lot of places, but after that, I never wanted to camp again.

      Christine, I think you cause a stir wherever you go. 😉

    • Reply

      Absolutely, Rylee. The palace was neat, but after a while the painted ceilings and gilded furniture just felt like more of the same. But beautiful gardens never fail to impress.

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