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Look out Mickey

All I can say is that the RWA board rocks with socks. Due to the flooding in Nashville, the Gaylord Opryland hotel could no longer accommodate our National convention this year. RWA's 30th, and my 1st. Bummers abounded until the board pulled through and booked us in the Disney Orlando resort for the same dates.

I'm so impressed, and though I may have to cough up airfare (or endure a really long drive), I can't wait.

RWA has made me proud to be a member over this last year. First with the whole Harlequin debacle, and now handling this major catastrophe so well.


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    Thanks, Gwen. I’m glad you were flexible about moving to Orlando. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN.

    I want to drive so I’ll have a car and go play for a few days before the conference.

  2. KM Fawcett


    I’m impressed as well. I hope the airline will let me change my flight without penalty. Hope to see you in Orlando!

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      Good luck with that. Even these days, I think they’re still pretty reasonable. They’d probably rather have your business than have to refund the airfare. Hope to see you there!

  3. Reply

    You guys are going to have soooo much fun down there! I’m jealous! 😉

    And I agree, Gwen. RWA has handled a couple different hurdles this year and they pulled through for their members. I too am proud to be a member there.

  4. Reply

    I Googled around to see how the Harlequin flap ended. I’m not sure I found out.

    Has it ended? And, was the solution to simply change the name and keep on plowing?

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      Hey, Curtis. Good to see you again. Harlequin quit referring rejections to the self-publishing arm, and renamed the venture to DellArte Press. Once they agreed to quit pointing rejections to DellArte, and to quit advertising it on their Harlequin website, RWA changed the rules to recognize publishing lines (or imprints) instead of publishing companies.

      As long as that line does not offer self-publishing, nor direct people to it, they’re considered legitimate in the eyes of RWA (and the other major author organizations). Bottom line, the money has to flow *to* the author.

      • Reply

        Thank you. The publishing world isn’t through ramping up to get crazy has it? But, looks like the RWA and others are stout enough to call a hand when a hand needs to be called. Good for them.

        A couple years ago there were more self published books produced than through traditional publishers. Only problem. There is no distribution system built for books to move from the box on the living room floor to a customer.

        The distribution system in existance really is a closed system.

        • Reply

          Publishing has been a bit crazy lately. The e-book thing is going to take a while to shake out, I think. RWA, MWA, and SFWA all did a great job throwing their weight around. RWA has been well worth the dues already.

          As far as self-publishing, I believe there are still more self-published books out there, but there’s no telling the quality. Most sell very few copies, and mostly to friends and family of the author.

          For better or worse, it’s what we have. I can only hope with persistence we’ll all break in to that “closed system”. Good luck with your writing!

    • Reply

      I know, Kathleen. I feel sorry for all the people trying to get dry in Nashville. I’m disappointed not to be able to go, but excited about Orlando. Always an adventure.

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