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New year, old process

This is the year I start owning my writing process. Quit calling it horrible, or slow. Embrace it.

This is the year I recognize that doing it my way has helped me produce nine manuscripts, six published novels, a 400-page published work of nonfiction, dozens of short stories, over 250K words of blog posts, and more.

Where the “magic” (usually) happens.

My process may not be as fast or organized or glamorous as others’, but it works. And it’s mine.

My messy process is actually kind of fun too. And the more I go with it, the more fun I have, the more ideas I get, and the more I want to keep writing.

Why would I fight that? Why would I fight with myself?

So, in 2021, I’m leaning into it.

Finding the joy in it.

Finding myself in it.

Whatever your pursuits, I hope you’re able to do the same. Happy new year!

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  1. Curtis


    Good job! Yeah, lighten up on yourself. Very glad to see you celebrate your work!

  2. Donn N. Lodge


    Gwen, what an encouraging post! Congrats to you finding the needle in your haystack of books to write and a way to do it that brings you joy (or joy and an intact head of hair 🙂

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