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An epilogue for Blind Fury

I published the first book in the Men of Steele series, Blind Fury, more than six years ago, and originally drafted it almost 10 years ago. (Holy cow, where does the time go?) It’s safe to say my writing has changed a little—hopefully for the better—since then.

So, while waiting for editorial feedback on Blind Trust (coming in October), I decided to do a full revision on Blind Fury. I didn’t change the core of the story, but I cleaned up some of the writing, and by popular request from readers, I added an epilogue.

I’m really excited to share this sweet addition to Mick and Jenna’s story, which takes place at the wedding six months after the original story ends. The same wedding that plays a small role in Dan and Alexa’s book, Blind Ambition.

I’ve had mixed results getting my own reading apps to update to the new version of the book, so if you’ve already read Blind Fury and just want to catch the epilogue, you can find it here.

If you haven’t read Blind Fury yet, but it’s already on your e-reader, I encourage you to update your library to get the version with 24 chapters and an epilogue.

Or, you can download it (FREE in ebook at all retailers) to your favorite device using one of the links below.

Apple Books
Google Play

Look for more book news soon. Take care!

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  1. Colleen Barnett


    Loved Blind Fury. It kept me reading, not wanting to stop. Looe forward to reading the series.


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