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Why I gave $500 to ProLiteracy today

Did you know more than 43 million adults in the United States lack basic literacy skills, two thirds of whom are women? As a lifelong reader and writer, literacy is something I tend to take for granted. For those living without strong skills in reading, writing, and basic finance, it massively affects their job prospects and quality of life.

We’re all readers and writers here. Imagine how illiteracy would impact your life. I want everyone to experience the joy, education, and freedom contained in books and the ability to express themselves.

I usually attend the Romance Writers of America annual conference in the summer, but I recently withdrew from RWA—along with many other writers—to support the marginalized authors for whom it was not a safe or supportive space.

However, this mass boycott jeopardizes the nearly $50K raised at the conference book signing for ProLiteracy each year. So, Tessa Dare, Beverly Jenkins, and others got with the ProLiteracy folks to figure out how we could still support them, and the Romance for Literacy fundraiser was born.

To that end, I’ve donated $500 to the cause (in lieu of my conference registration). I hope you’ll help me empower women through the power of adult literacy with whatever you can spare at

Thank you! ❤️

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