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Which Scrivener Features Do You Really Need?

Prompted by a question from one of my newsletter subscribers (my newsletter now includes a Scrivener Q&A column), I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to answering the question: “Which Scrivener features do you really need?

If you’ve ever been frustrated because you feel like you should be doing more with Scrivener, or you’re not sure where to start, give it a read over at Writer Unboxed.

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    Gwen, Has anyone ever suggested that Scrivener might be a good tool for genealogists? I thought it would be but found that my studying the how-tos limited my actual research time. I still think it would be great for keeping notes and arranging and rearranging research facts by date and by family being researched. Maybe would work well for someone younger than me who would catch on quickly and be able to get on with the research.

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