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Finish Your Book (and a whale sighting!)

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If you're struggling to finish your #$%@& book, check out the free preview of the Finish Your Book Summit led by popular story coach Jim Woods, which starts today.

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You'll find helpful tips from amazing authors like Jeff Goins, Jon Acuff, and Jennifer Blanchard. And me. 😉 I'm honored to be in such amazing company! My session will be live for free on August 30th & 31st.

If you just can't get to “The End,” you owe it to yourself to check out the summit today. If you decide you want the paid version, use code GWEN at checkout for a $50 discount.

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P.S. In case you missed it, I saw a whale during my bike ride yesterday!! Pretty sure it was a humpback, and it was awesome to see it so close to shore. Here's a pic of its fin, and a short video.
whale fin above water

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    Hi Gwen, Thanks for posting about this Summit. It sounds great and very inspiring but I just need more clarification on What You Mean by Finish? I have the book finished, but am revising the bejesus out of it – so technically its finished but not yet publishable (e-publishing or agent-query ready) Some of my needs are clarity in what to whittle away and what to keep – authorial distance and how many plot layers/subplots, and how many scenes for each. I usually get half-way through the revision and then go back to the beginning. How will the Summit help me not to get overwhelmed by this huge task? Merci, Dorette

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      Hi, Dorette. From what I understand, the summit focuses on all aspects of getting it done, including the revision process. Not sure if it gets as specific as you’re looking for. That might better be addressed by an editor or some critique partners. But you still might want to check the summit out. It’s supposed to cover, Writing Habits, Writing the First Draft, Planning Your Story, Revision and Editing, and Momentum.

      Good luck!

  2. Reply

    So sorry I missed the summit! And thanks for the whale!

    Gwen, I can’t figure out where to ask this, but did the formatting presets feature disappear in V3? It used to be on the right click drop down, right? I don’t see it. I don’t see it on the format menu either? The only way I’ve been able to get formatting (preferred font, line spacing, etc) into a new file is to copy and paste formatting from a previous one. This is acceptable but not ideal. Another way would be to build a style. But you would think they would have preserved previous presets as styles… They did preserve my theme. Thoughts? In a way, presets are more or less styles, so it’s okay to switch to that mode of thinking, I just wish they’d preserved mine.

    • Reply

      Hi, Claudia. Yes, presets were replaced with styles, which work in a similar way, but are more useful because Scrivener now remembers that a style was applied to that text and will update all styled text if you redefine the style. Unfortunately, I believe the way the new styles work meant they couldn’t preserve the old presets.

      If you have text that’s styled in the way you want the preset to be, you can use that text to create a new style (Format>Styles>New Style From Selection). To transfer styles from one project to another, go to Import Styles and choose the project to import from.

      If you’re talking about formatting entire documents though, I’d adjust the default formatting and then apply it (under Scrivener>Preferences>Editing>Formatting, and then Documents>Convert>Text to Default Formatting for each document(s) you want to apply it to). Or, the Format>Make Formatting Default option provides a quick way to make the format of the currently-selected text in the Editor the default for all new documents. You can choose to have it apply to the current project (same as Project>Project Settings>Formatting) or to all projects (same as Scrivener>Preferences>Editing>Formatting).

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