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Scrivener 3 Fundamentals for Mac course is live

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My new course, Scrivener 3 Fundamentals for Mac is now live at For $39, this course provides the essential functions and features of Scrivener 3 that you need to get started writing. Valuable for plotters, pantsers/discovery writers, fiction and nonfiction, long or short stories, blogging, or whatever else you're writing.

By the end of Scrivener 3 Fundamentals, you'll be able to:

  • create and setup a project that works for your writing style or type of project.
  • rename and rearrange chapters, scenes, sections of your manuscript.
  • work with the Corkboard to plot or preview your manuscript's structure.
  • find anything in your project.
  • backup your work and find/use a project backup.
  • compile to a Word document.
  • find help when you need it.


  • 48 quick, step-by-step lessons
  • 15 instructional videos
  • Q&A with the instructor (either on the site or via private Facebook group)
  • 10 cheat/review sheets
  • progress chart to keep you on track

I'm moving this week, but I'll be checking in at least once a day to answer student questions. Happy writing!

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  1. Lisa Triche


    I have been using Scrivener for some time now, but the basic functions. I am hoping to map out my book better with due dates and progress ….It hasn’t worked for me in that regard thus far. I am running Scrivener on Macbook OS X El Capitan. I am always resistent to upgrade things including my operating system for fear …? something will happen to cost me time and frustration…Is it worth it to upgrade to Scrivener 3, as it seems I will have to also upgrade my operating system as well?

    • Reply

      Lisa: I think Scrivener 3 is worth it, and if you want to know more about what’s changed, you can check out my free mini-course to help you transition ( The core of Scrivener still works the same, so your day-to-day work in Scrivener shouldn’t be affected much. The biggest changes are in Compile and a new menu structure. Also, keep in mind that L&L probably won’t support Scrivener 2 much longer, if they even still do.

      If you’re worried about losing something, make sure your Scrivener projects are backed up on an external drive (Dropbox, flash drive, iCloud) before you update your computer. Good luck!

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