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A winter without snow (finally)

dog in snowFor the first time in six years (minus the year in Alabama, where we did actually get a dusting), I’m not anticipating any snow for winter. Nor any below-zero, ice-particle-blowing, freeze-your-face-windy, shovel-till-you-can’t-lift-a-mug-of-tea days.

winter collage

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about it.

I prefer to visit the snow on my terms, and if I get the urge, Tahoe is only a few hours, some tire chains, and about 6000 vertical feet away. Yosemite, Shasta, and Mammoth are all fairly close too.

As much as I (yes, still) want to live closer to the coast, Sacramento’s location in the upper Central Valley is great because it has four distinct, but relatively mild, seasons. Summer gets pretty blazing hot without lasting too long, fall brings plenty of glorious, tree-turning color, and we can enjoy frosty nights and cool days in winter without having to turn out in twenty pounds of gear to stay warm.

And while the multitudes of deciduous trees are busy dropping their leaves, the fall and winter rains turn the wild grass emerald green.

red tree

No rush, but I’m looking forward to seeing everything blooming and unfurling in spring, even as the grasses fade to summer gold again.

Of the two countries, nine States, and 14 metro areas I’ve lived in, everyone of them has had a perfect time of year. What’s your favorite season where you are?

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  1. Al Jennings


    Rub it in why don’t you, GwenI don’t want to talk about this right now, OK! It’s 6° in Indiana

  2. Reply

    I can’t break it down into a particular season. Living in Spring Valley (San Diego County, California), I actually prefer from the mid-fall thru spring. My favorite times for rain, hiking, taking care of my vegetable garden (greens especially do well in the cooler weather) and other property plants, and just enjoying our local environment. Summers are hot– and the first half of autumn is pretty much of an extended summer. And I’n not a fan of air conditioning (though I worked for an a/c company for 17 years.) Originally from NJ, but have happily resided here for over forty years. Have a Merry Christmas, Gwen!

    • Reply

      loujenhaxmyor: That sounds lovely! I remember the warm fall weather from living in San Diego and on the Central Coast, except there it was welcome after the cool summer. We didn’t need A/C in Santa Maria, except for that one year when we had a heat wave for two weeks with over 100 deg temps every day… 😉 Enjoy the winter, and Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

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