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No foolin’ (and cute babies)

man with kick me sign on his back

I’m not a fan of April Fool’s Day. Not because I don’t have a sense of humor or like to have fun. I just don’t enjoy when that fun comes at the expense of someone else. Who wants to feel like an idiot because they fell for someone’s “dire” news, or thought the plastic spider in their shower was real? Not me.

I did try to prank my dog. I told her there’d be no more afternoon walks or Kong toys filled with peanut butter. She called my bluff.

In case you get pranked today, here are some cute babies to cheer you up.

By the way, if you're a BookBub fan, I finally got my author page ready to go, and now you can follow me on BookBub to find out about new releases.

Of course, I also announce new releases in my newsletter, at Amazon, on all of my social media sites, and here on the blog. So, you're covered.

And no foolin', I will have another Men of Steele book out this year. Maybe even two if the big move to Sacramento this summer doesn't mess me up too much. Promise.

May your day be prank free and your weekend glorious!

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