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Moving boxes in living roomSorry I’ve been so quiet lately. We finally moved into our house and I’ve been buried under boxes—it took me nearly three days just to get the kitchen in order. Plus, I always forget how much time it takes to make address changes, update insurance policies, get a new driver’s license, and on and on…

Write? Fuggeddabout it (okay, sorry, that's NYC).

The good news is that we’re loving the Boston area already. New England is somehow even greener than northern Virginia and there’s so much to do here. I can’t wait to start exploring. We’ve already done a bit of it, and we’ve been enjoying the nearby bike trail as much as possible.

My oldest is off to college in about a month—yikes!—so we’re going to do the touristy Boston thing before he goes (he’s forgotten a lot from our trip back in 2008). But my list is long, and that’s just for around here. All of New England and Quebec beckon. 🙂

Moving boxes in kitchenThis week, though, I’m still trying to arrange, rearrange, and unpack. Plus, I’m getting ready to fly to San Antonio on Monday for my fifth Romance Writers of America national conference, so I have lots of packing and some shopping to do. It takes careful planning to get a week’s worth of clothes, shoes, and workout gear into a carry-on bag, but I’ve done it four years in a row and it’s worth it.

BTW, if you’ll be at RWA14, my workshop, “Easy E-books with Scrivener,” is on Saturday the 26th at 3:15pm. Even if you can’t attend the workshop, I hope to see you in Texas!

Now back to my regularly scheduled unpacking, unwrapping, and piling things in corners until I figure out where they go…

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    I enjoyed the update. A dear friend recently published her book as an e-book. It was a nightmare. Too bad she did not have Scrivener and your workshop. All my best to you in your new home.

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    Hope you enjoy Boston. It’s a wonderful city. I dipped into Scrivener for Dummies this morning for advice on adding a cover to a Kindle e-book. Great explanation, as usual. Thanks for your help and your book!

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      Thanks, Charles! We’re looking forward to getting to know the area better than we did when we were tourists. I’m glad to hear SFD helped you out. Thank you for letting me know, and good luck with your book!

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    Hope you get settled in soon. Wait until autumn comes. You are in for a treat with all the great foliage in New England. See you in Texas!! 🙂

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    Thanks for the update. As a fellow frequent mover – you are singing my song. Sounds like you have it all well under control. Boston is a great area, in fact, NE is a great area. Enjoy RWA14 and best of luck with the class. It will be wonderful. All your classes are.

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