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Scrivener online classes open for registration

Online Classes

Registration is now open for my online Scrivener classes (Mac & Windows) that start September 9, 2013. For more information, or to register, check out the Scrivener Classes page.

I'm at the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Atlanta this week, meeting up with old friends, learning lots from great authors and industry experts, and teaching a workshop of my own. I'll share details after I get back.

Until then, wherever you are, enjoy your week!

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    I may take this class again, Gwen. I learned so much the first time around but I can use a refresher. I also may talk my friend into taking it; she just bought Scrivener for her PC.

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    Hi Gwen – hope your week at the romance writer’s conference was awesome. Looking forward to hearing all about it (and maybe a few more pictures 🙂 When I saw this post, I thought along the same lines as Jeannie. Yeah, I took it before, but I’m thinking I might just want to take it again.

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      Hi, Dave! The conference is going well. The actual conference just started yesterday and runs through Saturday, so I still have a few days left. Fun, but exhausting. 😉

      If you want to take the class again I’d love to “see” you there!

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    I’m in, Gwen. And I’m emailing my friend who recently purchased Scrivener to sign up unless she’s already done so. We can be study buddies. See you on the 9th of September.

    Dave, go for it. There’s always more to learn.

  4. WP


    You know what else is great? Besides your writerly teacherly self, I mean. That image you used in your post! I want that cup! [Already got the Mac. ] 😉

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