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The power of love

Flickr_-_Official_U.S._Navy_Imagery_-_EOD_diver_receives_Bronze_Star.There are plenty of inspiring people in the world, but some really touch your heart. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and quadruple amputee Taylor Morris and his long-time girlfriend Danielle have touched mine in a big way.

Not only does Taylor have an incredible spirit and zest for life, but Danielle has stood by him through it all, sometimes literally carrying him on her back. It's clear that she motivates him to work hard and reaffirms his value. Theirs is a beautiful story of the power of love that reminds me why I write romance.

I learned about the couple while researching bilateral amputees for a new storyline when I came across a blog maintained by Danielle that chronicles Taylor’s recovery. That led me to photos and stories about Taylor posted by his childhood friend, Tim Dodd, a professional photographer.

Those who have lost limbs—no matter how it happened—face tremendous physical and mental challenges. They must relearn how to function and take care of themselves while facing incredible pain. Not only that, but they often harbor doubts about their appearance, their self-worth, and what they have to offer current or potential loved ones now that they are “less than” they once were.

Makes my daily struggles—if they could ever even be classified as such—seem pointless. I’m certainly reminded not to take what I have for granted, or to let life pass me by while I wait for something amazing to happen.

Photo credit: By Official Navy Page from United States of America Patty Babb/U.S. Navy (EOD diver receives Bronze Star.) (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Reply

    I, too, stumbled across their story a while back. I was deeply touched by her love and loyalty to her husband, and by his willingness to fight to get his life back. Beautiful reminder of what a truly committed relationship looks like, and of how minor our daily complaints really are. Thanks for posting this, Gwen.

    • Reply

      Thanks, Dave! I missed this back when they made the talk show rounds, but I’m glad I found it this week. Not only great research, but a great story of commitment, perseverance, and love. 🙂

  2. Penquillity


    Great story, Gwen. There’s nothing like support from loved ones to help you heal.

    I’ve been a left leg AK amputee since 1994 due to a motorcycle accident. During the month-long hospital stay, the trauma surgeon asked my husband and I how strong our marriage was. We answered that it was pretty good. He said we’d both need to be very strong to get through this together. We were both shocked when he told us how many relationships fall apart when true life trauma hits. Nineteen years later, we’re still together. My limb loss was nothing compared to my husband’s bout with Colo-rectal cancer 12 years ago – he’s a tough survivor.

    • Reply

      Penquility: I agree. I’m reading Blood Brothers about amputees at Walter Reed, and those who don’t have attentive family members or friends definitely have a harder time staying motivated to overcome their challenges.

      I’m sorry to hear about your accident. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to go through something like that. I’m glad you and your husband have a strong enough relationship to get through the tough times. Serious medical problems are tough on both parties.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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