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Scrivener For Dummies available online

Scrivener For Dummies is out! Just in case you missed it, Scrivener For Dummies is now shipping from online retailers, is available in Kindle format (ePUB coming as soon as retailers decide to put it up), and should be on bookstore shelves in the US next Tuesday (Aug 21st).

When I have information about foreign availability dates, I’ll let you know.

Thanks to everyone who’s purchased the book so far. I hope it becomes a reference you reach for often.

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    There is a Kindle version? Pooh. I looked for it on Amazon and couldn’t find one when I pre-ordered, so my hard copy is arriving today — one of the few physical books I’m ordering this year. (We’re on a bit of a “book diet” while we make more space in the house.)

    However, since the volume is going to be living next to my computer, probably not a bad thing. I envision lots of sticky notes being tucked into this one.

    Congrats on publication and I’m looking forward to having it in my hands.

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      Sorry, Carokinkead! The Kindle version just went up recently. I totally understand about the “book diet”. Other than the paper copies I get from conferences, I try to buy all my books electronically now, though I’m a big fan of sticky notes and flags too. 😉 Thanks for ordering. I hope you find the book useful!

      • Reply

        Most of the books I brought home from RWA are going to people at my office, who are eagerly grabbing them off my desk.

        But my copy dutifully arrived today and is sitting right here — and the husband just said at dinner, “I’d like to learn how to use Scrivener,” so a hard copy we can share may be a good thing after all.

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      The Kindle version doesn’t show up in the iOS Amazon app, for what it’s worth. It shows the print book, but the option to order the Kindle version is disabled. When I went to Amazon in Mobile Safari, I was able to buy the SFD for the Kindle.

      Amazon removed book purchases from the Kindle app when Apple required a 30% cut from publishers and distributors. The same rev share requirement might apply to ebooks purchased through an app. But you can still get Kindle books through your browser.

      • Reply

        Andre: Yeah, that’s the only real downside to reading on my iPad: I can’t order books directly through the Nook or Amazon apps, and I can’t rate the books either. Thanks for sharing, and for buying the book! 🙂

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  3. Reply

    Order Gwen’s book. Check.
    Those folks know how to hit their marks don’t they?
    What’s next?

    Please tell us you celebrated. I mean really celebrated.

    • Reply

      Ha, thanks, Curtis! You know, I was originally expecting the book to be out next week, so this was a surprise. Guess I should think of something to do to celebrate, huh? 😉

  4. Reply

    Hi, Gwen — I’m looking forward to owning your book. I’ve had it in my cart since I read your article in Writer Unboxed. I’ve been using Scrivener for a while, but I’m excited about having your expertise by my side to get a better understanding of it. I’m tweeting about this good news!

  5. Reply

    Just in time, Gwen! I’ve been using Scrivener at a very basic level for two small projects. Now I want to use it for a big project – but was getting lost in the setup. I did a search today on “Scrivener for Dummies” and your book popped up! I purchased the Kindle version. Your blog seems to be full of good tips, I’ve just added it to my GReader feed. Thanks!

  6. Carolyn M. Kenney


    Hi Gwen,
    I just love Scrivener for Dummies. I downloaded it to my tablet from Amazon and I can’t stop reading it. I have Scrivener up on my pc and I keep going back and forth to the book I am currently working on. You have shown me new ideas to extend the use of the software. I liked the software before I read your book and now I love both the software and your book. Thanks a lot.

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