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Take note, paper

How I take notes in 2012.

I may never take notes on paper again. Not if I can help it, anyway.

I took my iPad to my chapter meeting. Not only was the presentation noteworthy, but for me, so was the process of jotting it all down.

I’ve long wanted to take my laptop to such events, but for various reasons decided it wasn’t a good idea. For one, I think the clacking of keys is a bit obnoxious in a small, quiet room with only the speaker talking.

We also don’t have tables or desks at our normal venue, so my lap would get hot, and I’m not lugging my lap desk!

But I can’t overstate the advantage of digital notes. I take them directly in Evernote, which means they’re instantly searchable, organized into a notebook, and tagged. No more notes hidden away in a notebook on a shelf that I may never crack open again. And they're accessible from anywhere I have internet access, not just my living room bookshelf!

With apps like MindNode, I can mind-map the meeting if I want, or with one of the drawing apps, I can draw pictures. Heck, with the awesome camera, I can take pictures (directly into Evernote even).

What’s not to love about that?

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    I’ve recently started using my wife’s iPad 2 (she got the new one) and one of the first things I tried doing was exactly what you’re talking about. Took notes like a champ. I’m now a believer in how handy these gadgets can be. I’m away from home on business and reading and responding to logs all on my iPad. Next up for me is getting a productive writing environment.

    Glad you’re enjoying your new iPad!

    • Reply

      Dave: Isn’t it awesome? I wasn’t sure I’d be able to justify the iPad 3 (even though it was a gift), but mine’s getting quite a work out. And I love being able to sign up for cell service only when I need it. Perfect for traveling.

      I’ve been working on my writing space too. Since I can’t take over my son’s bedroom until he moves out–at least two years away–I’ve been draping my little space with colorful sarongs, and many monitors. 😉

  2. Reply

    I too use Evernote – it’s everywhere… iPad, iPod, MacBookPro…
    May upgrade to the paid version soon. Evernote and Scrivener make good team mates!

    • Reply

      I love Evernote, too, Noel, and totally agree that it works well with Scrivener. I even wrote a post about that a while back. I like to keep things I reference a lot within the Scrivener project, but everything else is in Evernote. My research, potential ideas for future books, recipes, my license plate, which print cartridge my printer needs, travel receipts, conference schedules, and on and on… 😉

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    Evernote is really great when I’m about and about with just my iPhone. I love it’s versatility, and the ability to share photos, notes and voice memos across all my devices. I also like Simplenote, especially for it’s convenience for syncing to Scrivener projects. It’s real handy when I want to work on my iPad instead of carrying a laptop around.

    • Reply

      Exactly, Darren. And I downloaded Simplenote to try with Scrivener but haven’t used it much yet. I don’t love extended writing on the iPad since I can’t feel the keyboard, but I’m not ready to invest in a blue tooth keyboard yet, since I do have a MacBook after all. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Reply

    I had evernote once before, then deleted it because it seemed overwhelming. Maybe because I took the scrivener class with you I’m smarter because I downloaded evernote today and it makes sense. I’m having tons of fun making notebooks.
    What’s great about it is I write in the same time period so the notes I take will work for other books.

    • Reply

      That does look awesome, Mary. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at the mall. I tried their iPad cover with integrated keyboard, but the keys were so jammed together I didn’t think I’d like it. This one looks better. Thanks!

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