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Holiday in Paradise

I think our only real Christmas tradition—besides decorating our tree with travel ornaments—is that we almost never do the same thing twice. I’d say about half of our holidays have been spent on vacation rather than at home or with family.

This year, we went to Bermuda. We knew it wouldn’t be 80 degrees like the Caribbean—70 still felt darn nice, by the way—but we’ve been wanting to check out the island for a while now.

The water is several amazing shades of blue, the island is clean and well-maintained, public transportation is convenient and extensive, and people are friendly. On the flip side, food is very expensive, and nearly everything shuts down for Christmas Day and Boxing Day (which were back-to-back). Oops.

Still, we discovered hidden caves, cute towns, interesting flora, and gorgeous ocean views at every turn. A few highlights (click for larger slideshow)…

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      Hey, Ara, how are you? There’s something about the ocean that always makes me happy and calm. I miss living close by.

      Thanks for checking in. You have a fantasmic 2012 yourself! 😉

  1. Reply

    Gwen, what beautiful photos!

    Get ready…I have questions for you since our family is returning to Bermuda August 2012. *happy dance* Where was that grotto? We’re trying to think of activities to do with our son, 13 and autistic, and daughter, 21. I remember the beach near Fort St. Catherine was nice. Maybe do that again? Any other suggestions? Good places for ice cream or treats, perhaps, since we’ll be eating meals on the ship.

    Oh, and for us adults, that run swizzle looks perfect. 🙂

    Happy New Year, girl!

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      The grotto was in a little park across the street and down from Grotto Bay Beach Resort (where we stayed). It’s just before the bridge that goes over to the airport. I’ll see if I can find the instruction sheet, but there’s a path that leads to several little grottoes and pretty coves.

      When taking the bus, push the NEXT STOP button as soon as you see the Swizzle Inn or you’ll end up over the bridge.

      Speaking from experience on that one. :-p

      There’s an ice cream shop back up the road across from the Swizzle Inn too. Easy walk.

      If you get a chance I’d try one of the beaches on the south side, maybe Horseshoe Bay Beach or Elbow Beach. The bus goes right to them.

      Have a great time!

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        Thanks for all the great suggestions, Gwen. We’ll only be in port Bermuda for a day-and-a-half but we want to make the most of it. I’d agree that Horseshoe Bay Beach may be the way to go with the kids. I remember how beautiful it was there last time (14 years ago!).

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    Wow, it looks so gorgeous! Bermuda is on my ever-growing list of places to visit. So glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!!

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    How kid friendly is Bermuda? I not expecting Disney World but would you take a 3 year old and 5 year old? Just curious since I’m back on the East Coast Bermuda might be a nice option.

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      I think if you were to go a bit off season (when the party people haven’t invaded) like we did, it would be good. The bus system is easy to use and offers a discount rate for kids. You can’t rent a car there.

      It’s not like taking the kids to Europe or Seattle where you’d want to do a lot of walking to sightsee. Those opportunities are there, but everything’s pretty small.

      If you stayed at a resort with a nice beach and went when it’s a little warmer, you’d be fine. One note: the food was really, really expensive, even in pubs and bistros (think NYC prices and very few fast food options). Almost double what we were expecting.

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