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  1. Curtis


    I’m still cringing from your report.

    Why not get you a cheapo Wal Mart HP net book and a jump drive for pool side activity? Then give it to the high dollar unit when you get home.

    Yeah, I could tell from the word count to the right you found something you enjoyed writing about.

    I really hope the new Mac is dry and good as new.

    • Reply

      Good news, Curtis. It appears to be working. I can’t in good conscience buy a PC 😉 but I might take my old MacBook to the pool from now on. Oh, probably not. I like my new one too much! The keyboard is so soft and quiet and it glows, and the screen is beautiful…

      I’m a glutton for punishment. 😉

  2. Reply

    So after my power port wouldn’t work, I decided to drown my sorrows at the bar. The Genius Bar at Apple, that is. The guy laughed because my computer had rice grains inside (oops), but despite having liquid damage, he replaced it with a new computer.

    That’s right. I got a new computer! Straight up exchange.

    Maybe my water didn’t trigger the liquid damage sensors and they called it a warranty replacement or something, but either way, call me happy. 😉

    And people wonder why I love Apple. Silly people.

    • Reply

      Apple has given me a new laptop three times (all within the first 5 months of buying the original laptop). I think it’s really a wonderful company with amazing service when they go out of their way to help you with things. My problems all seemed to be hardware malfunctions, but it was still nice that everything was handled quickly and kindly.

      I’m so glad your new computer is new again!

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