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Farm fresh

Bok choy, spring green onions, baby lettuce, swiss chard, french breakfast radishes, turnip greens, baby beets

This year, in an attempt to eat more local, organic produce, The Engineer and I joined a CSA—community supported agriculture—farm. Everyone who buys in gets an equal share of the crop.

With opportunities to help out with planting and harvesting, as well as occasional social events at the farm, it's a good way for our suburban kids to get exposure to rural life and the origins of their food.

Here in Virginia, the harvest season runs from May to October, so every Sunday for the next twenty-two weeks we’ll get another load of fresh goodies.

Today was the first pick-up day. This early in the season its mostly greens—and not as abundant as later in the season—but as the year goes on, we should get onions, tomatoes, squash, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, peas, and even some cut flowers.

We’re looking forward to eating around what’s in season, and trying new veggies we might otherwise not consider.

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  1. tolo


    That area has lots of great farm markets too. I went every Saturday morning.

    I’ll be in North-western Minnesota for most of the rest of this year. Markets here don’t even open until almost July and end early.

    • Reply

      True, Tony. Last year we did the farmer’s market thing, quite a bit, but California was absolutely the best for that. Many of the farmer’s markets on the central coast were open year-round.

      I forget how short the growing season is further north. I hope you can find some great produce once the season starts.

    • Reply

      We’re trying to have a garden, too, Kathy. So far we’re not having good luck so we might have to move the plot next year, or raise the bed. Good luck with yours!

  2. Reply

    I’ve been enjoying the local farmer’s market every other week. (It’s held every week, but I end up with too much food). I like shopping there because I can pick out fresh foods, usually picked that morning or the day before, while still being able to control what foods we get.

    My husband is so picky, that I don’t think a box of veggies would delight him much. I worry that when we have kids I’ll often hear “But Daddy’s not eating it. Why should I?”

    • Reply

      I know what you mean about the box of surprises, Kali, but my husband will eat just about anything, and I’ve grown to like things I never would have eaten when I was younger. It’s a bit of a risk, but if we’re not happy with it, we’ll go back to the farmer’s markets next year.

      Either way you’re supporting local farmers, which is a good thing.

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