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Spring is here

Spring has made it to Virginia, along with the wildly varied temperatures and the rain. I think this weekend is going to be the most spectacular for my front yard which–I recently realized–has a pink dogwood and about ten azaleas that are ready to pop.

Except for the bluebells which are from Stoney Lonesome farm, all of these photos were taken in my front or back yard. I take no credit whatsoever for the plants. We just moved in last July, so they were all a (pleasant) surprise to me.

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    Gwen, those are beautiful! You get credit for having the good sense/taste to choose the house and yard.

    We have a Magnolia in our backyard. I was so amazed when I moved into my neighborhood in Brooklyn and discovered all the Magnolias. I felt like I was south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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      Magnolias are nice too, Mary. I like the big blooms, but also that they’re evergreen. We actually had a surprising number of magnolias when we lived on the CA central coast.

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