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I don’t always procrastinate. It’s not a sickness with me. Except with cleaning and shopping. I dislike both with almost equal passion, even if the results are usually worth it.

The absolute worst is Christmas shopping, especially when I have no earthly idea what will bring joy to any of the people I’m buying for. If I had a clue, I’d be the first person in line to head to the mall, eagerly picking out that awesome gift.

The pinnacle of my holiday procrastination was in college—either 1993 or 1994—back when the Internet had little or no commercial use. The Engineer (in training then) and I put off shopping until the very last minute because we were busy with final exams and projects. My parents were in Japan, so I had taken care of them early, but we were going to see The Engineer’s family in person, so we figured we could buy their gifts on December 23rd.

After my evening indoor soccer game.

Because, you know, the mall was going to be open until midnight for idiots just like us.

And then I broke my toe during the game. Some guy jumped up to head the ball and landed with his heel right on my foot. For some reason we decided this required a trip to the emergency room. You know, just in case. Two hours and some Advil later, I sat home icing my digit while The Engineer raced to the mall at ten o’clock.

Good man that he is, he got it all done, but that’s the last time we’ll ever plan our procrastination quite so close to the wire.

Do you have a holiday shopping disaster—or near-disaster—to share?

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Reply

    oups! sorry for the bad memories:(
    I was going to say that we are so different; cleaning and shopping are my favorite things 🙂 (well probably because of my psychoses lol lol lol.
    Bad memories? how about growing up during 17 years of civil war and having 17 bad Christmas… will spare you the details… but I do sympathize with your story, and I hope you will start having better ones from now on:)
    Merry Christmas Gwen!

    • Reply

      Jeez, Mirella. Mine is one of those dumb stories you laugh at. Nothing like civil war. =( I’m glad you’re free of that.

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Reply

    Ha, this reminds me of the time my sweetie (at the time) and I were in college and super-stressed by exams. We didn’t start Christmas shopping until Christmas eve around 9. Went to a 24-hour walmart. Finished at 3am, finished wrapping everything by 5am and got on the road 2 hours later to celebrate but the windshield wipers broke in an ice storm. We ended up in a rest station for 3 hours while he fixed it and ended up being late to the gathering. I was so tired I wanted to cry! That was NOT a holiday I ever want to repeat. 😉

    But I would take it over civil war. Mirella, would love to hear your stories even if sad. xoxoxo

    • Reply

      Okay, Holly, you totally beat me in the holiday shopping disaster wars! It’s like a combination of my shopping story and my road trip story.

      I hope this Christmas is a better one for you! 🙂

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