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Okay, so the only thing on my mind right now is snow. We’re finally getting a real blanket of it in Northern Virginia. Several inches so far.

It’s pretty, but annoying when you have to be out in it. Maybe even downright unsafe. School was let out early today, and I ended up slipping quite a bit on the roads when I went to pick up my youngest. The worst was that I couldn’t get back up my (apparently steep) driveway.

My son volunteered to shovel (gotta love that kid), but it was still too slick. We tried wood pellets in lieu of sand or salt, since I had neither on hand. Epic fail. I finally just burned rubber until I got some purchase and got the car in the garage.

It was time for new tires anyway, right honey? 😉

Taz shovels while Zoe looks on

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  1. Mirella mccracken


    Thank you Gwen for the pictures!!! Am sorry for the pain… But I wish I was there!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Reply

    What a beautiful home you have! And I am so impressed your son volunteered to shovel – that’s a well raised kid.

    Snow is so pretty, but I am so glad we moved out of NOVA. No snow here, and I’m thrilled!

    • Reply

      Thanks, Kali. I love our area here. We finally have a yard with trees! And Taz definitely has his moments. 😉

      I only like snow if I don’t have to go out in it. I’d much rather visit it than live in it. Enjoy your snow-free winter!

  3. Rylee


    So whose nickname is Taz? How fun, snow for christmas (I’m with you, I like it better when I can stay inside). Hope you guys are doing well. – R

    • Reply

      It’s actually my younger one. I picked them based on personality. Even though Taz is smart, he’s my little tornado baby. My older, thinker got WileE.

      Hope you’re well too!

  4. Tolo


    We spent last weekend inspecting your local bus fleet with much of the work done outside!!! Glad we didn’t wait a week!!!

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