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Why I love Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is becoming one of my favorite holidays. It’s a good time to be with family without the pressure to produce gifts, and there’s no insane two-month long build up that ends up being anti-climactic the way Christmas often is.

As my friend, Aaron, stated nicely in his own blog, Thanksgiving is an American holiday that anyone can celebrate regardless of race, religion, or social standing.

It’s also a great reminder to focus on the treasures we already have, rather than on those we want.

I’m grateful to the members of my little blog community for sharing your time with me. Thanks for making the long, hard road to publication easier and more fun to travel.

I’ll be back on Sunday. Enjoy your week and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

(If you were looking for a more comprehensive list of things I’m thankful for, check out last year’s post where I attempted to get creative.)

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