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In London town

Wow, we had such great dialog on Tuesday's post. I love it when all my blog friends come together to discuss a topic. That's a tough act to follow, so today I'm giving you the last installment of photos from my European tour this summer.

We ended our vacation in lovely London. As usual, we only had about a day and a half to explore, so we just hit the highlights. Our hotel was across the street from the London Eye (the ferris wheel) which is right on the Thames. We were basically right across the river from Westminster Palace (aka the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben).

London was a nice change from the rest of Europe. As much as I enjoyed all of the cultural exploration, I have to admit it was nice to be able to speak the language again. Mostly. 😉

We have hundreds of photos, but here are a few I thought I'd share. (Not sure why the thumbnails are a bit blurry. They're crisp if you click on them for the larger version. Sorry.)

Westminster Palace (Houses of Parliament) w/Big Ben on left, London Eye on right, over the Thames River

The London Eye. Like a ginormous bicycle wheel.

The ubiquitous London taxi cab.

One of my favorite books. Not surprised it's considered a classic, but was surprised to find it in Westminster Abbey gift shop. Not exactly a pro-church tome...

Buckingham Palace changing of the guard. Massive crowds. Not really as exciting as I expected, but cool nonetheless.

Of course, we took the Underground. And yes, we did mind the gap.

If you missed my previous posts about some of the fun and curious things we saw on our trip, check out Hodgepodge and No Detail Too Small.

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      We really liked it. Could have spent more time in most of the places, but that’s our excuse to go back at some point. Good to see you back in blog-land. 😉

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