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Ich liebe Innsbruck

I have more fun tidbits about our European travels, but I've been getting requests for photos of things besides toilets, so today I'm going to share some of my favorite shots from one of my favorite spots: Innsbruck, Austria. We fell in love with this city, and it was only rivaled by Lucerne, Switzerland, which I'll post photos of on another day.

Yes, I'm going to milk this trip for all I can. 😉

What I loved…mountains, oddly-colored green river, pedestrian-friendly city center, architecture and color of the buildings, natural beauty, and history galore.

Looking west from downtown

Off the beaten path, but still beautiful

View from our hotel window looking northwest along the Inn River

Multi-use path alongside the Inn River

Early morning farmer's market

As soon as we drove into Innsbruck, I realized how much I've missed the mountains. The majestic scenery and abundant charm of this small city captured my heart.

What places do you love and why?
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  1. Reply

    Every where I’ve been in Europe, even the overcrowed streets in Paris. The castles in Wales & Scotland, the rolling hillsides, the glaciers in Alaska. I even love my front porch in the full heat of summer with the butterflies flocking on the butterfly bush or the hummingbird humming around the feeder.

    I think no matter where you are, there is beauty and charm to capture your heart and soul. We just have to be aware to see it.

    But then, that’s the Tao Buddhist in me. When I get all caught up in the drama of life, I forget to look, even on vacations.

    So glad you’re sharing snippets and reminding us all to stop and enjoy the charm around us!

    • Reply

      Thanks, Sybir. I agree that we can find beauty everywhere. It’s a philosophy I follow as well.

      All the places we’ve visited and lived have had something wonderful to offer, even the ones I don’t care to visit again. To me, that’s part of the joy of traveling and moving.

  2. Reply

    Beautiful pictures.

    Are you going to milk this trip for all you can? <—– just curious

    do you ever expect anything else from me?

  3. Reply

    Gwen, I agree with all the things you like about Innsbruck, but what immediately struck me was how CLEAN it is.

    • Reply

      Oh, good point, Mary. That was one of the other things we really liked about it. Thanks for reminding me. Unlike the bigger cities–or even Florence–Innsbruck had clean streets and sidewalks and little or no graffiti.

  4. KM Fawcett


    Thanks for the pics, Gwen. Love the picture of the multi-use path. That tree is beautiful.

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