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Feelin’ groovy

For the last two weeks, I've been so focused on moving out of the house in Alabama, moving into the apartment in Virginia, and searching for a new house, that I've done very little writing.

I have all of my excuses at the ready. How hard it is to focus when crammed into a hotel room or small apartment with a husband, two kids and a dog. How exhausting house hunting is. How we had so many errands to run that I couldn't find a decent block of time to sit down and really focus. And so on, ad nauseam.

Most of my excuses are valid, but if I were on a deadline (I can hope right?), I'd still have to sit down and write. So yesterday, I finally locked myself in the bedroom with my MacBook and headphones and got to work. And I did it again today.

It felt great. I love writing, and every time I take a break–even when I don't have much choice–I always wonder how I stayed away from it for so long.

So I'm in a new writing groove (not a rut!) and I'm ready to finish up the revisions on Slow Burn in time for Nationals at the end of July. When I move into my new house in late July or early August I want to be ready to submit Slow Burn, and start outlining my next book.

I'm ready to get groovy!

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  1. Reply

    Glad you are starting to make yourself write, good for you. You deserve it with all the ciaos associated with moving. Good luck writing and have fun, I know when I get in a writing zone, it’s almost like a drug, it’s hard to describe. I’m not even a real writer but when I have some idea for my next comedy blog post and I get some direction, I only want to be in front of my computer..

    When is the big lunch date with all the DC folk? Take pictures.


    • Reply

      Thanks, Rich. It really is fun, and I just have to redefine what a writing session looks like now that I don’t have my nice space in which to do it. Not yet.

      I wish you’d quit saying that you’re not a real writer. Anyone who sits down and writes something regularly is a writer. And unlike me and many of my *writer* friends, you’re getting paid! So shut up about that already. 😉

      Lunch is June 30th. You know Mirella will be snapping photos. Oh, I hope my hair works and my face doesn’t break out… 😉

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Mirella mccracken


    Hey guys I heard you talking about me lol, lunch is still on the 30th and God knows how much we would love to have you Rich with us!
    Gwen, however the restaurant where we are going to meet is going to be different than the one I proposed originally. Holly and I checked it and it is way too casual, so we are trying to find some nice place where we can all talk.

    Good luck for your book, and I hope you will find inspiration in Virginia 🙂 Virginia is for lover. Lol.

  3. KM Fawcett


    Sometimes taking a little time off refreshes us and enables us to produce more when we do start up again. Good luck on your revisions for SLOW BURN. I’d love to meet you at Nationals if we can coordinate it.

    • Reply

      I agree, Kathy. I always come back ready to dig into my writing after a long break. It’s good as long as I don’t let it last too long.

      I’ll keep an eye out for you at Nationals–it’d be great if we can meet up! Are you PRO? If so, maybe we’ll meet up at the retreat.

  4. Christine


    Yeah! You are back in the groove. Did you pull together your query, too? *nudge and nudge some more*

    Can’t wait to see you in DC!

  5. Reply

    How Gwen got her groove on…lol
    I see now Gwen, I need to go back and to Mirellas little TV thread we had going and leave another show you could possibly like to watch…at least Before you go house hunting..Afterward, you probably would not want to see it…House Hunters is pretty good when nothing else is on. GOD BLESS

    • Reply

      Ha, I played with a couple ideas on the “groove” theme…how Stella got her groove back, the emperor’s new groove, and so on.

      I used to love watching HOUSE HUNTERS. Now I pretty much just write if I have free time during the day, though. Thanks for stopping in!

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