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Finders keepers

Okay, so after my recent post about, you're using it–or something similar–to save online articles and posts you want to read later. Right?

The next step is to collect the “keepers”. Again, bookmarks get messy, printing wastes paper, and not everything applies to your current Scrivener project (hence you may not want to import it there).

So here's your solution: Evernote.

It's an online binder that lets you create multiple notebooks and synch them between your computer, your PDA, and the web. You can store photos, articles, blog posts, checklists, your own notes, and even tweets from Twitter. I've just started collecting in Evernote, but I can already see the power and value.

I have notebooks for craft articles, research, writing ideas, and recipes. You can tag each item to make searching easier too.

And best of all, it's free!

Check it out and let me know what you think. I think before long I won't be able to live without it.

Happy collecting!
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  1. Reply

    If your a Mac user another really handy one —- Journler.

    Search by, title, category, comment, content, date created, and Tags. Then, throw in smart folders and free. Really easy to use.

    Chunk anything you want to into ” New Entry.” Name it, etc and away you go.

    The sad part. The person who built this gem did it on a donation basis. We all know how that turns out.

    Evernote for Mac is cool but Tiger users need to upgrade systems to use it.
    Don’t know the requirements for Microsoft

    • Reply

      Hey, Curtis. I’ll have to check out Journler too. Evernote does also allow you to search by attributes like date, etc.

      Yeah, donation-based is hard. Evernote uses tiny ads in the bottom left corner, or you can upgrade for $5 and get more storage options.

      Thanks for the input!

      • Tony


        Journler is no longer in development.

        “Unhappily I must announce that I am ending work on Journler, effective immediately. All development has ceased. I will not be releasing any further updates, and it is unlikely I will release updates to the already open sourced segments of the code.”

        I’ll play with it but would not use a product that is in danger of becoming defunct.

  2. Reply


    Don’t let looks deceive. There is no one on the planet more random than I am.

    Journler, like Evernote like even others I have forgotten basically let you chunk what ever you want into to a file. The cool part– the order doesn’t matter.

    Then, all you do is give the file a name, a category, a tag/tags, comment, a date. You can give your entry as many different names as you want to. Each one will be searchable. That includes the content of your entry.

    Let’s say you can’t remember a single tag, date, category name, comment, zip about the file. But, you do remember, for some goofy reason that the article you want had the word “blue” in it. Search “Blue” and there you are.

    These note takers, Journal programs or a random persons dream come true.

    In fact, and Gwen can check me out on this, you can, after some saving do a topic search and have enough material to write an article based on what pops up on your own data base.

    Random Rules 🙂

    • kathleenwall


      So are you saying it will make me appear–maybe even FEEL–organized without too much effort? Who can pass that up?

      • Reply

        Better than that. You will be able to find what your looking for. Just throw it all in one pile.

        A word of freedom from this random child learned long ago. Some folks have external order. Others have internal order. I’ve learned to relax and go with my internal order.

        Before computers that meant the messy drawer/desk filling system. Out of site. Out of mind. Was the real thing for me back in the day. You can imagine what my desk looked like.

        Now it means put it somewhere on this computer and use the search feature.

        For what it is worth, I’m not to keen on The Cloud as a place to put stuff. Use Evernote for a year and they get hinky. Where’s my stuff then?

  3. Reply

    I love it when my blog friends start interacting. Thanks for the help, Curtis. I’m not sure about the topic search, but it makes sense to me. Cheers!

  4. Reply

    Well aren’t you sweet, Curtis! Your “filing system” (sorry, had to put it in quotes) is much like mine. I know on what surface I toss things. I may have to dig for my papers, but I know where they are. Generally. 🙂

    I downloaded the software, so we’ll see how it goes!

  5. Reply

    Hi Kathleen,

    Let me know how it goes. 🙂

    The cool thing about generally knowing where our stuff is…..if we can’t find it, especially if it is an idea, our creativity will hand us another, deaper and even better idea based on the theme of what we were thinking about in the first place.

    I think once an idea goes into the gray matter revision goes on all the time.

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