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The Sunday Squirrel: sandwich

“Martin,” Leah said as she watched him settle his bulk at the break room table. “That's my sandwich.”

Had he taken her lunch bag from the fridge in error?

“I'm starving,” he said. “You don't mind, do you?” He unwrapped it and took a bite, green avocado dripping down his chin. “Oh, my God.” He moaned. “This is delicious. What's in it?”

Her jaw dropped.

Someone laughed behind her, and her stomach did a slow flip. Nigel.

“Watch it mate. I think you've just nabbed one of Leah's coveted, secret-recipe avocado and feta sandwiches.” He came up beside her and gave her one of his heart-stopping grins. “It looks like you're in need of lunch. My treat.”

She had to be dreaming. For a minute, she could have sworn Nigel Lester just asked her to lunch.

Nigel raised his eyebrow at her hesitation. “What do you say?”

Okay, she hadn't been dreaming. She tamped down the giddy laughter that bubbled in her throat. “I can pay for my own lunch.” Yeah, that's what she wanted to say.


“I know. If it makes you feel better, you can owe me.”

That sounded ominous. What kind of favor could he possibly imagine in return for lunch?

She cleared her throat. “What did you have in mind?”

He chuckled. “I was hoping maybe you'd invite me over for one of those famous sandwiches of yours some time.”

Oh, yeah. “Deal.” She smiled and looked at Martin who was licking his fingers, no trace of her lunch in sight.

She might just have to make an extra for him.

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      Thanks, Martha. I was so tired after the boys’ swim meet last night that I almost skipped this, but I forced myself to sit down and do it. Not my favorite, but, oh well.

      I was looking back at the original squirrels, and when I started they were more of a short paragraph about a topic. Lately they’ve all become full scenes. That makes it a lot more work! What was I thinking? 😉

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