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Virginia dreaming

Usually, I'm California dreaming. I love the rocky coastline of central California (see this page's header), and the perfect weather. But, since we're not moving back there anytime soon, and Europe is off the table, my next choice is to go back to northern Virginia.

Inspired by Lee Lofland's Weekend Roadtrip posts, I decided to show in pictures some of the things I miss about Virginia/D.C.

The History (Monticello–Thomas Jefferson's House)

The Beauty (Great Falls National Park, Md side)
Great Falls

Great Falls 2

Fall Colors (Gainesville, VA)

The memorials, the National Mall, the shopping, the restaurants, the proximity to so many other big cities and places to go…and so much more! Okay, I don't miss the traffic or the cost of living, but seriously, it's been our favorite assignment so far and we're really hoping to go back.

What are some of your favorite places to live?

BTW, stop by the Romance Magicians blog to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Comment for a chance to win prizes!

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  1. Reply

    Those are great pics. Looks like a super place to live.
    I would drop off some shots of the Atlantic along the Fl. coast near Ormand beach. Or, some pics of Amacalola Falls in north GA. A beautiful place not that far from the highest Mt. in GA. Brass Town Ball 4000 plus feet. I don’t see ways to link pics in the response area.

    • Reply

      Thanks, Curtis. We really enjoyed it before. Good friends, good schools, and so much to do. *Plus* the green. All it’s missing is a coastline! ūüėČ

      There are so many beautiful parts of the country. I’d have a hard time just staying in one place if I couldn’t travel to see it all. I haven’t been to Ormand Beach or Amacalola Falls, but I’m sure they’re great. The South has some amazing sights.

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