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What does he want?

I've started my next MS. Actually, I'm working on two of them at once–a first for me. Not sure it's a good idea, but we'll see what happens. My contemporary is coming along nicely. I have GMC pretty well in hand, and I've written the first few scenes.

Blind Fury on the other hand, is giving me fits. I'm trying to work through the GMC for the characters before I go any further with the project (hence, the stagnating word count). I think I have the heroine fairly well pegged, but the hero is not cooperating. His internal goal is good, but externally, he has no idea what he wants.

He's not after excessive wealth, he likes his job, he has good friends, he likes to play the field (for now ;-)). Sure, he might like a newer car, or to win a race, or to date the prettiest woman on the block, but those aren't story-worthy goals.

Clearly, I need to re-evaluate his cushy lifestyle. He needs some past traumas to give him reasons for wanting…something. Not only that but what he wants should conflict with the heroine's goals.

(Yes, I've been skimming Deb Dixon's Goal, Motivation, & Conflict again. Great book.)

Okay, so maybe I have an idea after all. This is like when your kids come to you for help with a problem, and by the time they explain it to you, they've figured it out without your help at all.

Wow, you guys are the best! 🙂

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  1. Reply

    Oh, yeah. You can count on us anytime. Always willing to be tossed into the mix.
    What happened between him and his mother that gives him that twinge of anxiety every time he sees the love of his life. Just wondering.

    • Reply

      Hmm. I haven’t given much thought to his mother. In this case, there’s guilt about the death of the heroine’s brother, for which he feels at least partly responsible.

      • Reply

        could she save him from both? A mighty strong woman could do that. And, at the same time not “mother” him into it but, help him fight for himself. The bonus round…. the hero gets to become a man…. He would love her like none that has ever gone before. Just wondering.

  2. Christine


    I love this–me, I’m just wondering what the heck in general… but that is how it is for writers. I cannot start a new MS yet… brain is stuck in this current WIP despite questioning its marketability. It’s just holding me here till I work thru’ the problems.

    Oh, to have a new GMC chart to plot. Ah, that would be fun.

    • Reply

      I’ve kind of figured it out, but I still need to do some more pre-plotting before I go to far. This book already feels like trouble. :-p

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