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Risky business

I spent the entire day two hours from home, sweating in an aquatic center so my boys could compete in their first swim meet in almost two years. New city, new team, different events, and two nervous tummies.

At these times, when I'm trying to ease my children's fears, I'm prone to preaching. I can't help it. It's okay, though, they ignore most of it anyway. 😉

But today, I actually liked what I said. Did they? Who knows. Anyway, here's what it was: “If you never risk failure, you'll never have a chance to do anything amazing.” (Or something like that…)

It's not an original idea, but it is an important one. To me, spending years of my life slaving away over manuscripts that might never see a bookshelf, investing countless hours and dollars to improve my craft, and opening myself up to constant criticism and rejection seems pretty risky.

On the other hand, the results could be amazing. It's a chance I'm willing and compelled to take.

The PRO loop seems to have been flooded this month with writers who've recently moved up to the ranks of published authors. One lady had been writing for 25–yes, TWENTY-FIVE–years!!

Talk about risk.

But I'll bet these days that same woman is feeling pretty amazing.

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  1. Reply

    Along those same lines. At a writers conference age became the issue. ” Do you know how old I’ll be by the time I get my book written?” The nice person leading the group, in the most matter of fact tone I have ever heard replied ” The same age you will be if you don’t.”

  2. Reply

    Since I raised two boys both of which were athletes. The oldest does triathlons now the other a weight lifter. I have to ask. How did your swimmers do? And, did they have fun?

    • Reply

      They did really well, especially for having been out of the sport for so long. No last place finishes. 😉 With a few more months of conditioning, I think they’ll be fairly competitive.

      I haven’t entered one in a while, but my dad got me to try a triathlon a few years ago and I loved it. Ironically, swimming is my weakest event.

  3. Christine


    Great post. I think this is the best lesson I am teaching my daughter: feel the fear and do it anyway. That is the essence of courage.

    The quote is loosely transcribed from a quote by an author whose name escapes me.

    Glad the kids did well at their first meet!

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