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I’m a little teapot

One of the things that fuels my writing, especially during cooler weather, is copious amounts of tea. My favorite is Stash Moroccan Mint Green Tea, but it's difficult to find locally. (Hint, hint…) 😉

For my birthday, I received one of the best gifts ever. An Oster 360° Cordless Kettle with “keep warm” feature. It boils the water quickly and will keep it warm all day so I'm never out of hot water, and I don't have to microwave my tea water anymore.

It's amazing how the little things in life can make us happy.

What are the little things that make your day?

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  1. Martha W


    There are two things that make me deliriously happy… Tim Horton’s coffee and the new wordpress mobile app for the droid phone. WooHoo!

    But that little teapot is wicked nice. Great bday present!

    • Reply

      Oh, Tim Horton’s! I haven’t eaten there since we went to Canada, but we had them in Ohio. Unfortunately (or fortunately, whatever) I don’t drink coffee. Hence my affair with tea…

  2. Christine


    We have a Keurig and use it for coffee and tea fixes. Love it. We gave it to Darling Hubby for his Father’s Day present, but now it is enjoyed by all with it’s hot chocolate feature.

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